HS Football this week: Playoff Edition

High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1)
Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1)
West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1)
Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2)
EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2)
Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2)
Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3)
Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2)
Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0)
Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0)
St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3)


  1. No picks yet, this is just a listing….The official picks will come in on Friday morning and there is a heavy lean already, toward the Hornets….(11-0)

    I see part of what you are talking about too….The dark print signifies our Guilford County teams….Bold represents GCS teams….

    Good question and very observent on your part….

  2. High Point Central(7-3) at Smith(9-1)——–HPC with a huge upset!

    Glenn(3-7) at Ragsdale(9-1)———Ragsdale won’t be beat twice by the triple option!

    West Forsyth(7-3) at Page(9-1)——Page will make a 2rd trip to Defending champ Butler

    Scotland County(7-3) at Northwest Guilford(8-2)———-Might be the best 1st rd game in the area…..NW wins a close one!

    EE Smith(6-4) at Dudley(8-2)—–Dudley Rolls!

    Northern Guilford(9-1) at Triton(8-2)——-This could be another great 1st rd game but in the end Northern advances to the 2nd rd.

    Burlington Williams(4-6) at Northeast Guilford(7-3)——NE Running game wears out Williams

    Mount Pleasant(4-6) Southern Guilford(8-2)—–Southerns passing game is not going to be Pleasant to Mount Pleasant!

    Southeast Guilford(6-4) at Durham Hillside(10-0)——Wow….talk about a tough 1st rd game…..Better luck next year SE!

    Southwest Guilford(6-4) at Mount Tabor(10-0)———Same fate as SEG…..Tabor big!

    St. Pauls(5-5) at High Point Andrews(7-3)—–Both High Point teams advance to the 2nd rd!

  3. SEG wins in a gigantic upset! I was over at the high school yesterday and Fritz is working on multiple trick plays that would make any Texas Middle School blush. 🙂

  4. There better be multiple, multiple trick plays per quarter for SE to even have a fighting chance against Hillside. The only plays that Durham needs are Vad Lee left, Vad Lee right and Vad Lee deep across the middle…..game over….sorry for the hour drive.

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