On the road and taking it to the streets on National Signing Day

Made the rounds this afternoon and will have pictures/photos coming your way tomorrow on today’s visits and the trail took us to:

Oak Ridge Military Academy at 3:30pm for these signings:
1)Michael Neal(Appalachian State University)
2)Chris Jones(Tennessee)
3)Jacob Lawson(Purdue)
4)Jasmine Parker(University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
*****We saw all the famiies of the players and got the chance to talk to girl’s basketball coach Delaney Rudd, boy’s coach Stan Kowalewski, AD Otis Yelverton and many of the assistants at ORMA…..Was not in the House(Bonner Field House) for long, out and on the road by 3:50 and headed down Highway 68 to I-40 and then down 421-South to Southeast Guilford….Will have photos from Oak Ridge up on Thursday…..*****

Made it into the Media Center at SEG by 4:25 and we got rolling there at around 4:30….(It was a bit wild heading down 421-South on the way in, doing 70mph and getting passed by some guy doing 73-75mph and the Highway Patrolman flew right on by me, with the blue light flashing and took down the guy in front of me……WOW!, that will get your attention in a hurry….)

Saw Brian Formica of News 2 at ORMA along with one of the men from FOX 8 Sports and at Southeast it is Timmy Hawks from FOX 8 and “The Man”, Brian Hall, from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports…..

SEG saw two signings with:
1)Ayshia McNeil(Wingate University)
2)Josh Tobias(Florida)
*****Saw the Tobais family and AD Scott Smith, Baseball coach Dave Beasley, assisant baseball coach Charlie Gamble III, girl’s basketball coach Shawn Newton, Director of Media John Swithart, the pastor Larry and the last name escapes me, from the South Elm Baptist Church was there, and the entire Falcon girls basketball team was there for Ayshia McNeil…..*****
(Will have SEG photos on Thursday.)

Pulled out of the lot at Southeast Guilford at around 5:15/5:20 and made my way back up Old Liberty Road and stopped at the BP Conveinence Store to grab a few gallons of gas and then got back on to 421 and headed back toward I-85…..Hit the I-85 South lanes as it was starting to get dark and began the push toward Eastern Guilford High School….

Miranda Jenkins had her signing scheduled for 4:30 to 6pm and I knew that if all went well, I should be able to make there in time to take in one more signing for today…..Made the trek on down 85 headed North and got to my Mount Hope Church Road exit and hung a right at the Hess station, flew past the Hampton Inn and headed to Eastern….Got to Wildcat Country at around 5:45 and went inside to the Media Center and found Mr. Jenkins and he said most of the activities were about over, but I might catch the cleanup committee and I did….Mrs. Jenkins was in charge and she was making a clean sweep on that Media Center…..

Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Westmoreland were headed to the parking lot as I came out of the now near-empty Media Center and they suggested that I try and catch some of the girl’s practice down in the auxillary gym and I did…Got to see Coach Tina Gunn and she was very helpful and also got a chance to talk to Miranda Jenkins’ mom and enjoyed hearing about some of Mrs. Jenkins’ days playing the point, back down in Anson County……Also got the opportunity to speak with Miranda Jenkins, she’s headed to Stony Brook, up in New York, and Miranda is great kid, not all that big, but loaded with talent….Miranda’s mom said her job back in the day was to set up the offense and hit layups, but Miranda can also break down opposing teams’ defenses with her outside shot, plus hit layups and run the offense…..Miranda will do real well at Stony Brook and she has the type of personality that will take her far, as she heads down or up the road……She should also have a very big season coming up for the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, now that all the signing work is complete….

A full day/afternoon, on the road on National Signing Day and this day, like all the other key days, is about the people you meet and get to talk to, along the way…….Good to see Mr. Westmoreland again today at EG…..

And why did we visit the schools that we went to today????? They invitied us, it is that simple and I got to watch some of the Eastern Guilford girl’s practice, since that was the last stop on today’s magic voyage…..