Dillard and Hunt ready to lead this year’s Dudley Panthers’ basketball team

Took the opportunity to stop in at James B. Dudley High School, over on Lincoln Street today, for the annual Media Day and while at the gym, I had the chance to talk with Coach David Price about this year’s team and I was able to reaffirm something that I was hearing, at the Dudley basketball open gym, all the way back in September…..

They were doing a few of the four-man drills back in September, where you have two men running the court, and taking the ball full-court, in a semi two-man break and the two men that stood out, kept calling out each others’ names and it was, “Sam” and then “Reggie”….Make the pass and then call out your teammates’ name, and it was pass and you’d hear “Reggie”, after the pass from Sam Hunt and then you’d hear “Sam”, after the pass from Reggie Dillard….Sam Hunt to Reggie Dillard and Reggie Dillard to Sam Hunt…..You should hear a lot of that nomenclature this season from the Dudley Panthers…..

Dillard and Hunt will be looked upon to lead the Panthers boy’s basketball team. If we were going to put a starting five on the floor tonight it would be:
1)Sam Hunt-Point Guard
2)Reggie Dillard-2 Guard
3)DJ Alston-Small forward
4)Darius Workman-Power forward
5)Brendan Clyburn-Center…..Hunt at point, Dillard at 2, Alston at 3, Workman at 4 and Clyburn at 5……

Dudley had a scrimmage with Fayetteville 71st, Jack Britt and Marlboro County, South Carolina last night and the word from the stands, from the sidelines and from the coaches was, that Reggie Dillard was the top guard on the floor and that Clyburn was the best big man on the court….

Dillard is receiving offers and many of these are firm from: Tulane(The new home of Jonathan Frye from Northern Guilford), Virginia Commonwealth University, The Citadel, Wake Forest and Clemson…….

Dudley looked good last night in the scrimmages and they also looked good this past summer, in the summer travel games…..Dudley coaches Price, James, Seagraves, Partee, Ferguson and Waddell seem very excited that another season is almost here, with the first game due up in just a few days at Durham Hillside…..Other games are due up with GW Danville, Reidsville, Kinston and all of the other Metro foes….

We’ll have the complete schedule up here for you soon….

Dudley will be ready to turn up the defense this season and Coach Price says Reggie Dillard may be the best defender on his squad….”Dillard put back John Wall two years ago”, said Coach Price, when Word of God and Wall came to Dudley and the WOG Holy Rams took a beatdown from the Panthers, before John Wall went off to Kentucky and last night Wall got his first career triple-double in his NBA career, with the Washington Wizards….

Dudley will count on Dillard and Hunt for possibly 50% of their scoring on any given night, but you’ll also have to keep your eyes open when the Panthers look to the bench and bring on the reserves….We know what Alston can do on the boards and how Clyburn can control the lane, but we’ll soon find out how newcomers Alvah Phillips, Blair Houston, Jamal Weathers and Shaquelle Hargrove will do when they get their chance to help the Panthers along with veteran Anthony Hamlett, coming off of the Dudley bench….

Again, the strength will be that backcourt, with Sam and Reggie and Coach Price said he will look to Reggie to put up more shots this year and if Reggie can find the same groove that he found in the first half of last year’s playoff game with Ragsdale, the Dudley fans will be in for more of the same in 2010/2011….Dillard is the real deal, as Skip the Panther PA man likes to say and Hunt is ready to make the key move in his sophomore year, to that of true leader at the point guard spot and he looks to enhance the job done by his predecessors, like Brennan Wyatt and Josh Chavis from recent years…..Hunt is one of the best pure shooters to ever come out of Greensboro and now he will have to combine that shooter’s touch with the flair of a dominant floor leader, who can pass-first and shoot-second, in the Dudley Panthers’ system……

Should be a lot fun year for the Dudley Panthers boys basketball team and we look forward to seeing what all of our Guilford County teams will be doing this season……