Guilford County High School Football Poll heading into Week #13

Guilford County HS Football Poll

1) Smith(10-1)
2) TIE Ragsdale(9-2)/Page(9-2)
4) Northern Guilford(9-2)
5) Northwest Guilford(8-3)
6) Northeast Guilford(7-3)
7) Dudley(8-3)
8] Southern Guilford(8-3)
9) High Point Central(7-4)
10) Southeast Guilford(6-5)


  1. I would bump Dudley up to #5 ahead of Northwest and Northeast. Northwest might be debatable but no way should they be ranked below Northeast.

  2. To be honest with you, I’m not sure how Dudley ended up at that spot this week….I have been so busy this week I’m not sure of my reasoning on that one, but it must have been something that I saw in the water….We’ll know more next week on these slots and you know what they say about changing your list after it is already complete….

    We roll for now and we’ll know more next week…..I had some kind of theory, but right now can’t remember what that theory was for this one….

  3. 1.Smith
    5.NW Guilford
    7.NE Guilford
    10.SE Guilford
    9.HP Central

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