The small goals are gone: What are we going to do?

Drove by Vandalia Elementary School today, on the way in and saw that the small goals are gone…..They have taken down the short/8-foot basketball goals and replaced them with a new piece of playground equipment….

This was the court to go to if you wanted to work on your short game….A great place to develop your left-handed shot, on those shorter goals…..

The Goals are Gone!!!!! I you bet that people drove from all over town, to dunk on those goals….I even remember the times that I dunked on those goals, but now they are just a piece of Vandalia Road history….

I remember when kids from the area schools would go up there before their afternoon practices would get going each day and get up a quick pick-up game on the courts at Vandalia Elementary….It might have been a group from Southeast Guilford or players from nearby Vandalia Christian, but you would find them prior to practice on that court with the short/small goals at Vandalia Elementary….You also might see them come limping into practice with a sprained ankle, from jumping above and beyond those short goals at Vandalia Elementary….

You used to see people come from miles around, to play basketball on the Vandalia Elementary courts and now those days will just be memories that fade into the Fall sunsets……..

The goals are gone, “Long Live Those 8-foot Goals That Everybody Used To Dunk On”……