Friday Night Scoring Desk – Round One Play Offs – 11-12-10

10:28 PM – Update #11
More Scores Later Tonight From Andy

Northern Guilford (10-1) – 43
Triton (8-3) – 7

Burlington Williams (4-7) – 13
Northeast Guilford (8-3) – 16

Scotland County (7-4) – 22
Northwest Guilford (9-2) – 23

High Point Central (8-3) – 28
Smith (9-2) – 22

Glenn (3-8) – 21
Ragsdale (10-1) – 49

West Forsyth (7-4) – 10
Page (10-1) – 33

EE Smith (6-5) – 14
Dudley (9-2) – 19

Southeast Guilford (6-6) – 0
Durham Hillside (12-0) – 46

Southwest Guilford (6-5) – 17
Mount Tabor (11-0) – 42

St. Pauls (5-6) – 0
High Point Andrews (8-3) – 52

From Coach Turk
Grays Creek 28
Asheboro 0

Reidsville 35
Randleman 38

Cummings 55
Eastern Randolph 14

Thomasville 36
Jordan Matthews 9

From GC Coach
Mount Pleasant 37
Southern Guilford 21


  1. 2nd Qt
    Grays Creek 14
    Asheboro 0

    2nd Qt
    Reidsville 14
    Randleman 10

    2nd Qt
    Eastern Randolph 7
    Cummings 0

  2. 3rd Qt
    Thomasville 15
    Jordan Matthews 9

    3 Qt (Correction)
    Cummings 28
    Eastern Randolph 7

    3rd Qt
    Grays Creek 28
    Asheboro 0

  3. seems like Page c0uld have given their second string defense and offense a chance to play on the field. Even West Forsyth had their second string in. Not much chance they will have a chance next week. Seems a shame to me.

  4. “Not much chance they will have a chance next week??????”

    Where in the world did THAT come from???

    Sheesh, can we at least enjoy tonight’s victory before you down them?

    Heck…Don’t count Page out for next week. If you are not a believer, find someone from Smith and ask them how it done. Or better yet, Southern Alamance can give you the real deal.


  5. UU
    It came from the fact Page was up 23 points with 2 minutes to go and the first string was on the field the entire time. Based on that – I doubt the second string will see any play off time this season. This was their best chance. I hope I am wrong and you are right.

  6. Ok, I understand what you’re saying now. You meant 2nd string specifically and not the entire team (when you typed they won’t have much of a chance) No?

    If so, I can somewhat agree with you in the fact that Devante Hooker (for One) is an outstanding player and he just doesn’t get the PT as (I think) he deserves.

    Thanks for clearing that up!!

  7. Since we’re on the topic—Butler beat East Forsyth 56-7. I’m wondering if their second string played much.

  8. Wow, Smith is one and done in the playoffs after having their best season in a looooong time. Yeah, can’t hang those eagle feathers on beating archrival Dudley all season; you must FINISH!

  9. First of all, Page’s defense is really playing solid football. They are flying to the ball and their pass defense looked better tonight, too. The front seven got good pressure on the West Forsyth quarterback. With very few exceptions, the tackling was crisp with the guys wrapping up. WF only scored on the screen pass in the third quarter.

    Special teams were somewhat problematic tonight. The kick-offs did not have much air under them and WF was able to get some very good returns.

    Drew Rogers looked great tonight and James Summers was pretty accurate overall. He did have one interception on a ball that was tipped in the air.

    Butler won big tonight, so next Friday will be very interesting. If Page can continue to get the good pass rush and play tough up front, good things can happen.

    Congrats to Coach Gillespie and the Page Pirates.

    Sad to see Smith go out so early.

  10. To UU
    Yes – sorry for the confusion. I certainly think Page has a great chance next week – I was just hoping to see the second string get a shot on the field after all their hard work this season. The opportunity was there. It was unfortunate for them. Maybe next week. See you at the game UU. I agree re Hooker. I did her his name called out on a few key plays. Congrats to him.

  11. Ragsdale 49 Glenn 21

    definitely a better game for the Tigers this time around. They made it look easy tonight. Heavner was 5-5 and 2 TDs. Justin Briley ran for over 100 yards and three TDs. Defense got on the board too as Grant Desjardins picked up a fumble and ran it back for a TD.

    And with Central beating Smith it sets up another Piedmont Triad rematch at home next week.

    And way to shut up a bunch of haters NW Guilford. I knew they could do it. Scotland County fans spent all week talking about next weeks rematch with Richmond Co. Too bad they forgot to beat NWG first.

  12. Hey Mike,

    Where you at man, you been talking trash all week about NW getting smacked.
    Why aren’t talking now.Looks like the Scots had long ride back home to Scotland Co.
    And before someone starts talking trash about NW playing Richmond county. NW
    doesn’t have to play RC they earned the right to play RC

    I done told yall before VikingsR4reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal

  13. Thanks to ALL the media and News teams that decided not to cover the NW game.
    Probably thought it would be a blow out, so you didn’t bother to come to the game.
    NW first home playoff game in over 20 yrs. The best game in the triad tonight was at NW and you guys missed it.

    Thanks A Lot

  14. Great Coverage,
    I could not agree more. It’s just pathetic that news 2 and fox 8, stations located in guilford county, would prefer to cover games like bishop mcguiness v albemarle or rockingham cty. v eastern alamance rather than the nw v scotland cty game. Like you said, it was the first home playoff game for nw in over 20 years. It was kind of a big deal. And anyone who knows half a lick about north carolina high school football knows that nw v scotland would be a much better game to cover than either of the two previously listed. This isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened either. NW, a 4AA school and the largest in guilford co., always gets the shaft when it comes to this kind of thing. What is so much more appealing about a 1A or 2A school game when the team is not even in guilford county? Whoever is assigning games to cover is just sorry.

  15. Ugh,
    Whassup buddy? i could not agree more! although 1995 was the last home playoff game fro NW just to get yall straight. Very good game tonight at NW and i am proud to call myself a viking….third year in a row we will play at Richmond county, the two previous years i have been a part of…this year I will be cheering on my buddies hoping to pull the upset. Richmond county will certainly not be overlooking us as we defeated one of their main rivals(Scotland). I believe this year the scotland-richmond game ended up being about 31-24 richmond so i anticipate a very close game at richmond county. Goodluck Vikings Keep it going! Third time is the Charm at Richmond!

    Congrats to Coach Woodruff and the Viking Squad.
    We need to have a large NW crowd at Richmond its gonna be hostile!

  16. “Where you at man, you been talking trash all week about NW getting smacked”
    All week? really, i made one post… and rest assure, your beat down is coming this week in rockingham!! Id pull for the Russians before i would pull for your arrogant butt! I hope you get beat 42-0, oh wait….. you will! lol

  17. Hey Mike,

    NW -23
    Russians 22
    In a close one. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    And by the way you made 2 post.

  18. Rodney said it best, no respect, no respect….
    AS far as the News coverage they have their favorites and they cover these certain teams
    no matter where or who they play. It was a down right same that they chose not to cover NW playing in one of the biggest games in recent history. Thanks to the News and Record for a small but good write up . AS long as Page and Smith and Ragsdale are still in it, oh my mistake Smith is out. NW or nobody else will get much coverage in the Triad. Anyway enough about that… Congratulations to NW Vikings, Coach Woodruff and a bunch a guys with big hearts who just keep on winning. No matter what happens next week it’s been a great year for the Vikings.

  19. Every team south of I40 that stats with an “S” lost in the first round of the playoffs…spooky.

  20. I thought the Best from Northwest said it best so far…Good positive spin going into Rockingham to face Richmond County…..The Ed Hardin article in the News and Record a couple of weeks back on NWG was almost worth a year or more of coverage right there…..Front page feature on the sports page….That’s big time coverage……Some teams never get that shot at all…..It was good to see Ragadale get a similar shot this week……NWG is still building so don’t get yourself in a hurry wanting it all in big swoop…..You guys have arrived and how you handle it from there will be important…..The teams like Page and Dudley that did it on regular basis(Central and Andrews tasted some success there too), but, we haven’t had anybody get to that level yet, but it could come…..Those teams in years past did in on consistant basis and they not only won games in the playoffs, they won championships and they have been the only teams to do it so far…..One week does not make the playoff, so we all better be glad Round Two is still available….

    How about News 14, were they out and about last night???? From what I had read earlier in the year, WXII 12 had been doing a good job covering NWG…..Don’t worry so much about the media coverage, focus on the pass coverage, and stopping the run, not stopping the presses…..We are less than a week away from Round Two…..

    Time to get ready and get it done on the field….

  21. good bye smith . have a great off season . now if you havent learned a lesson you do your talking on the field. next year looks like a rebuilding year get ready to face some teams that you talked trash to earlier in the year smash you next year. see teams forgive but they dont forget. all the crazy stuff you adults have done to people coming over to smith and the disrespect you have showed will not be forgotten. will the coaching staff stay or leave? i wonder if? i can bet you the house some one want be there next year? ha ha ha. and i leave this to the current coaching staff and some not so polite people over at smith what goes around comes around. karma is a you know what? if you think i am bitter yep you are right. 1 and done. see you later now come watch the other teams play. i will pay your way no maybe i will put you on the list ?

  22. Andy,
    Let’s be realistic instead of over the top nice to the NWG posters—there is never enough attention or praise for those folks out at that school. It’s like having a child that expects everything to be perfect and when it’s not, it has to be presented in such a way that they don’t get their panties in a twist. They are a bunch of spoiled prima donnas IMHO.

  23. Couldnt have said it better myself eddie, if they would just keeP their mouths shut…. we wouldnt have to hate en them, GO RICHMOND CO!

  24. Mike – Way to rag on 16-17 high school kids playing their heart out. You must have been the last one picked for dodge-ball.

    You’re quite the Dirt-Bag. Go back to your Call of Duty Game and dominate putz.

  25. There are some very good people out there at Northwest Guilford…..The kids are not going to be your problem, it will come from the parents and they have to learn it doesn’t all come your way the first time around….You have to pay your dues and it does not come easy and you posters have to learn if we are all going to be able to exsist on daily basis here, there has to be a way that we are able to give and take….

    Nobody is above the overall system and some posters just drop by occasioally and for them they don’t completely understand what it takes to be on here, day in and day 7 days a week….

    There is a lot of good information to be shared, and we have that here, and you can take it or leave it…..It’s up to you…..

  26. Spoiled prima Donna’s? Have you been to the campus? It looks like crap! The worst football facilities in the state! All Dudley has to do is sneeze and WALLA, They get everything they ask for. Y’all know the real reason NWG is hated but you just don’t have the guts to say it!

  27. I think Eddie and Mike are brothers or something they say the same stupid *%$@.
    Talk about spoiled brats who never get their way. Speaking of people shutting their mouths
    you need to shut your pie hole. You’ll probably get your wish next week when NW meets RC. But it didn’t happen this week did it. Mike if your the same Mike that is always posting info about ORMA that explains a lot.

  28. Andy,
    Well said, one good season does not warrant media coverage and attention that a team who has established a winning tradition over many years. I could not agree more. You are exactly right Dudley , Page and Ragsdale and other have earned the right to be in the paper and on TV. Not only have they had great seasons but they have won championships and have great teams year in and year out. One good season does not make you a power house football team. This brings up an interesting question, If what you have written is true and I believe that it is. how does Northern seem to be in the paper almost week in and week out. They seem to have coverage on all the local sports stations. The fact is they have only played varsity football for 2 seasons and yet you would think they have established themselves as an area dynasty with all the sports coverage they recieve. they have never won a championship and so far never played in a state championship game. Maybe you can explain why this double standard seems to apply here.

  29. Andy,

    Don’t act like this is NW’s first rodeo in the playoffs. I know your old but you need to remember your history of NW football here. Everyone hates on NW because we are hands down the best “school” in Guilford county….and…Because we are majority white students…yes i said it..white students. Thats why NW is hated on constantly. People get frustrated because there teams get beat by smaller, slower, and weaker athletes from NW who have the heart of a champion…that is why NW has done so well this season.

    P.S. Third time is the charm @ Richmond.

  30. Eddie &Mike,
    Those “spoiled brats” you are referring to also achieve the highest academic marks in guilford county year in and year out. Do their daddys buy their grades too? Do their sugar daddys get them into the top colleges in the country? NO. Don’t get upset because NW has found another area to excel in. You wanna talk about success? I’m pretty sure NW won the conference championship in every fall sport. But this is all new and doesn’t warrant any media coverage right, Andy? With high achievement comes high reward. Think back to four or five years ago. NW was terrible at football. For these young men to have an 8-3 record prior to friday night and a home playoff game is a huge. Everyone knows the background of NW, and for its football team to have the success that it has is an attribute to the HARD WORK taking place. You can’t stand NW because you don’t like the fact they are good at most everything. So you can run your mouths on a website, but we don’t need to. Our actions do it for us.

  31. Well said,

    I find it interesting that you make the point that Northern has only played varsity football for 2 seasons but have not so far played in a state championship game. How many schools have been playing football for 15 to 20+ years and never played in a state championship game?

    Northern is a well coached team with players that play with a lot of heart. I frankly have not seen any more coverage on them than other winning teams in the area have gotten. Northern was deserving of any media attention they got in the articles I did read. You come across as sounding jealous!

  32. The posters from NWG continue to make my points for me and Mike for
    me. Look how great we are with our successful children, wonderful colleges we go to, and all of our fall sports champions. There is something wrong (maybe not with a community but certainly with an individual) who has to pound his chest and tell us all how “great we are”. That person might be a little. bit insecure and, who knows, might even be living life vicariously through his child and the school. I would tell you to win one for Guilford county, but that’s not your motivation at all, is it?
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, you poor persecuted person.
    Next thing I know, you will want to fight me in the HP Looney’s parking lot. LOL!!!

  33. 1. Andy,
    Don’t act like this is NW’s first rodeo in the playoffs. I know your old but you need to remember your history of NW football here. Everyone hates on NW because we are hands down the best “school” in Guilford county….and…Because we are majority white students…yes i said it..white students. Thats why NW is hated on constantly. People get frustrated because there teams get beat by smaller, slower, and weaker athletes from NW who have the heart of a champion…that is why NW has done so well this season.
    P.S. Third time is the charm @ Richmond.

    That was totally out of line. Why did that person have to put race into the argument. Yes, you are right, NW is the best Academic school in Guilford County, and that is only because of the socio-economic status of the people who live there. Guys we are talking about kids. The problems come up when we adults put oursevles in the situation. Let’s just talk football and leave it atthat.

  34. It is sad to see people so involved in conversations that they forget this is a high scool sport. Let the kids play and enjoy there playoff run. NW guilford kids have played hard and have done a good job. NW football team and coaches — Forget about the past….the past is where it belongs…the PAST! Live for today and enjoy it while you are here. Powerhouse or not…does it really matter? You’re playing with the POWERHOUSES! Go to Richmond County and play your hearts out. That is all anyone can ask! For the rest of you naysayers…give it a rest. Let the boys have their due and enjoy the final stages of a very good season.

  35. First of all, dont have any kids that go to any of these schools, second, as a huge sports fan, i can t stand it when parents get on here and have to tell u how good they are (or how good they think they are) if you wouldnt run your mouths then people wouldnt hate on you so much…. as far as me being a douche bag and being the last one picked in sports, lol, i played college baseball and football.. am 34 yrs old stand 6’3 260, may not be the first one picked now, but i can promise you that i woudnt be the first one you picked on! Its not the kids at NW i cant stand, its people /parents like you. Good luck to all the Guilford Co teams, except NW!

  36. Mike,

    bigger they are, the harder they fall…stop tootin your own horn. btw im not a parent…Im an alumni who played. And were not saying were a good school for no reason we are saying it because we always get bashed by haters.


    You cant buy brains. Nothing i said was racist so there was no hard feelings i am just saying that academically we are a better school and athletically we are growing…and you cant buy academic or athletic talent so dont try to say the only reason is because we are in a higher socio-economic area.

    P.S. Did you guys go to college?

  37. For one thing, the Northwest issue is not really a color issue that blurrs white….I don’t see how that can be an issue this day and time….Today it doesn’t matter what color you are, you will get a chance if you work your butt off…The NWG QB and RB’s have proven that….. They have done a great job and have helped lead this team to where they are today….

    The color issue we deal with is not white, I don’t care what color you are, black, white, red, yellow, brown or a mix, sweat runs the same color no matter who you are….

    The color issue is green….

    I grew up 2.5 miles from Northwest and 2.5 miles from the other school, which was Western Guilford…..

    Unless you have lived in that area since 1958, I am the expert on that area and know more about it than anyone that is coming on here….Most of you don’t have a clue about that area and you haven’t paid your dues…..

    Northwest was farming territory and they were the land of the tobacco and cows……NWG was an agriclutural school….Good kids, tobacco farm-tough and rawhide tough….

    Julian Price and Ralph Price(Kathleen Price’s brothers and forernners/front men of/for Joseph Bryan) owned a farm called Hillside Farm on Flemming Road…..This was a farm of over 300 acres and it did well in the farming era and was run by foreman Lewis Pharris and his hired helper Shorty Wilson…..

    The farming era near the airport was starting to end and housing developments started to spring up along Flemming Road closer to the Guilford College area and it started to spread toward Hillside Farms…..

    The farm was put up for sale and was sold to devlopers who began their plan to market this 300 acre farm as “The Cardinal”, with an upscale housing development and golf course…..In the beginning it was joke, they couldn’t get a dog to bed down out there and the birds would’t even squat on that golf course…..

    After about 20 years and nearly 50 ownership/marketing changes, The Cardinal finally began to take off….The migration toward the Northwest portion of the county had begun…..Upscale families with green started to head to the territory of the Red and White(NWG school colors)….

    The school districts also were re-designed and the area where I used to live was now taken into the NWG school zone, along with almost all the surrounding community from along Flemming Road west, heading back toward Northwest Guilford High School, from Lewiston Road….

    The farmers were gone, the brick layers were gone, the tobacco farmers were gone, the backwoods down-by-the-creek and gulley moonshiners were gone, and they were replaced by doctors, lawyers, dentists, investment bankers, hedge fund account managers, JP(Jefferson Pilot) VPs’ and others who now would make their home in “The Cardinal”…..

    NWG went from a school once known for it’s early success in boy’s basketball(Coach Roger Nelson) and always continured success in wrestling in those days(Coach Jerry Reittinger) and a strong emphasis on weight-training, assisted by the hay bale hauling the kids did in the summer on the farms, to now Northwest Guilford became known for it’s Golf, Cross Country, Soccer and other sports that the folks in “The Cardinal” truly loved……These were not football people, these were Golf, Soccer and Cross Country and later on Lacrosse-type people and these were not necessarily White people, these were green people and the community accessment said they were people that the rest of the community would not see more than once or twice a year, because they were home counting their money…..

    We had no shopping centers out there until The Cardinal finally took off…We had Burkes’ Store and Wilson’s Store and that was it……

    The money talked and it got things moving, but the preception was the money people were in it for themselves and they didn’t give a flip about the rest of the community and the remaining small-time farmers and tobacco allotment growers…..

    This was now a bedroom community and they pretty much sucked up and sucked the life out of the Collins Grove community, a small community of blacks that could play football and the kids that came out of Collins Grove, could make things happen on the football field, the basketball court and in any game….

    They let the Collins Grove community die out and if it would have been nurtured, Northwest would have had players coming in there that could have led them to at least multiple conference titles…..I grew up with and played ball with the kids from The Grove and they were some of the best athletes that I have ever seen….Some of the kids from The Grove that for some reason were never reached could have gone on the NFL….That was the nature of that little community, just 400 yards away from the entrance to The Cardinal….The people in The Grove were farm workers, tobacco laborers and down-right “country tough”….

    The Cardinal was and I guess still is all about one perception and that is how big is your house and how big is your bank account or how deep in debt are you……..

    To my knowledge, NWG may have had a few playoff football teams over the years, but if they could have found a way to combine the talents of those farm boys, the kids from The Grove and the new group that came into The Cardinal, you may have seen football State Champions…..The Grove had the Morrises(Glenn, John, Steve, and others), the Fitzgerlds(Troy, Roy, Fred and Billy), the Gilmers, and BIG DON TATUM…There were more to come after them since they were all at Western, but with The Cardinal coming, they let The Grove die out there…..

    NWG had a few playoff teams during the Rusty Larue era, but they have the best two-year window right now with Pawlowski, Baxter and Dillon in that backfield, that they might ever have and Baxter has strong Indian blood in him and he can run like the wind and that is type of stuff that we used to read about with my man Jim Thorpe….Better use it all wisely….

    NWG became about Green and they traded their heritage of tobacco farming and cattle raising for a new life of Banking, Doctoring and Lawyering……

    I think the Green perception stands out more the White perception and I know the territory since my ancestors owned over half of The Cardinal at one time and sold it for $750 dollars…That’s right $750.00 and Erskine Bowles dad, Skipper Bowles later bought it for about 10 times that amount….

    It is the GREEN that changed Northwest Guilford and The Cardinal led the way……Talk to any of the old-timers that are still around out that way and they will tell you the same thing….There are not many left out there, but if they hear my name they will stand and salute the working man, working on Sundays to make sure you all know “The Truth”……

    It’s the green man, that is what people don’t like to see heading down Flemming Road…

    Plus Dr. Billings was out there and his sons(Randy and Terry) went to Western Guilford and later I think they named the football stadium after Dr. Billings…..The Billings boys were decent football players and they might have been able to help NWG, but you have to remember in the real early days, the NWG tobacco kids could not get to the practice field until all the tobacco was out of the tobacco fields….Billings weren’t tobacco boys, but they may have been influenced by the absence of blockers(Big tobacco pullers up front.)

    Hey, I’m not hating on anybody, I’m just telling like it is, cause I am the only one that knows how it is and it has been that way since late ’57 and early ’58…..

  38. From my perspective this has nothing to do with race, NW football players, Alum, students..whatever……. Its the true dirt bags who get on here and talk so much crap that makes people like me wish u lose every game u play in every single sport!
    Im not personally attacking anyone here, if you would like to make it personal then let me know, i would be gald to send you my email so we can talk in private! I have said the same thing about other schools on here throughout the years!! Let the talking stay on the field and not the boards. There is no doubt that the coaches, students, faculty and parents work there butts off for their kids and schools to be the best that they can be, i just hate to see that get tarnished by arrogant, ignorant people that dont know when to keep their mouths shut!

  39. Andy,

    Tooting your own horn once again. “The only one that knows”???, I extremely doubt that. I know this site is your little “baby” but come on there are a lot of people in the NW area that aren’t Doctors, Lawyers, Stock Brokers etc. The old timers are still around and kickin…But enough of that. NW has had an excellent season this year and will continue to work hard year in and year out….There “window of opportunity” will not end when Baxter, Dillon, and Pawlowski leave. Coach Woodruff will continue to breed success at NW and i wish them the best of luck @ Richmond, Ill be there! Go Vikings! No hard feelings Mike! Football gets me pumped up!

  40. NW will be strong for the next several years there are some real good talent at the JV and Middle School level coming up. Looking ahead NW returns some great players at the skilled
    potions. they will lose 7-8 Sr. who start on the defense. Taking nothing away from the offense the QB and the RB have had a great year. But none of what is happening for NW would be possible if not for the defense. A tough defensive front, one of the best linebacker groups any where and a young talented secondary. When you look at the stats this defense has put together along with the offensive numbers they are pretty impressive. A team effort and a lot of hard work and heart has lead NW to one of their best years in a long time.
    These guys will be hard to replace, but I am confident Coach Woodruff will have an awesome team next year as well.

  41. Andy,
    Thanks so much for the history lesson on NW Guilford. We all know now how they
    got all their $. Hard work and using their brains nothing wrong with that. but I am still having trouble understanding why this gives people who are jealous of NW and their success the right to be haters. Your last post would lead readers to believe that everything NW accomplishes is because as you say the Green. What does this have to do
    with the success of the students academically and athletically. They have earned everything they have accomplished on and off the field. The only Green I see is people Green with jealousy and envy. If NW loses to Scotland Co. Friday we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Here ‘s another History lesson for you , When you do things the right way you will end up being blessed in the end.

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