Basketball news from Friday night….

Just a few thoughts as we run this down….How did Greensboro Day give up 44 points to Rodney Purvis from the Upper Room? We were talking about Purvis here yesterday and had no idea that he could go off like that….Saying this in just a way of jest, “who wasn’t playing defense on Rodney Purvis”?

Why is Westchester playing the Forsyth Home School team????? You have the 3rd-rated player in the nation in Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello and CJ Plummer and now additional top-level talent in Josh Level, Keemon Ingram and Josh Burton and didn’t Ingram and Burton used to be at Southern Guilford? No real big deal if there were, just curious….But again, what are you doing playing the Forsyth Home Schoolers and you have one of the top teams in the country? Was this a scrimmage game?????

Oak Ridge, High Point Christian, and Caldwell Academy all got solid wins and the ORMA girls team will be one to watch this season, as will the new-and-improved Greensboro Day School girls……

Maybe all the teams are playing down early to start strong and then build up, but the Forsyth Home School team?????


Oak Ridge Military-85
Flora McDonald-68

ORMA-Chris Jones-23-Michael Neal-14-Theo Pinson-12-Jacob Lawson-12-Xavier Johnson-7- Ryan King-7-Michael Obacha-6-Gian Karlo Molina-2- Willy Akasson-2

Flora Mcdonald-Jerome Seagars-33-Williams-15-Ravon Harris-12-Scott-3-Lewis-2-Anthony-2

HP Wesleyan 84
River Mill 46

Upper Room 85
Greensboro Day 83 OT

Westchester Country Day 86
Forsyth Home Educators 39