Guilford’s Josh P. hits a three to send it into OT, but GC wins it there 76-73(Even with the Phantom Whistle)…

Men’s basketball tonight at the Greensboro Coliseum:
Greensboro College 76
Guilford College 73

Greensboro College 81
Guilford College 57

In the men’s game Josh Pittman(Trinity High School) hit a three-point shot from outside the arc on the right side of the Greensboro Coliseum floor, with just 1.5 seconds remaining in the game, but Greensboro College went on to win it in OT, behind the scoring of Damian Dixon, Dexter Darren and TJ Holman….

The shot by Pittman came after the “Phantom Whistle”, that stopped play with just 16.4 left in the contest…The “Phantom Whistle” hit and everyone on the court just froze, in their tracks…The officials were just shaking their heads….Greensboro College leaders behind the scorer’s table, were able to determine that the “Phantom Whistle” was coming from somewhere behind the Greensboro College bench, up among the GC Pride fans in the crowd/student section…It appeared that GC SID Bob Lowe had an idea who was blowing that whistle and he may have been just about ready to blow the whistle on the kid that was slowing down the game, trying to be a “student referee”….

You hate to see something like the “Phantom Whistle” take away from the focus of the game, but it did for a few minutes and at first I thought it might be coming as a warning whistle, from the scorer’s table where the game officials were sitting, including Wayne Butler and John the scoreboard chief, from the Grasshoppers’ NewBridge Bank Park press box….

With the sharpshooting of Josh Pittman, this was one heck of a game and it ended all tied at 62-all, when JP let loose, on that game-tying three….Pittman had a chance with 5.8 seconds left in regulation, but he missed on that jumper and then later electrified the Coliseum audience when hit that long shot three, to send it into OT…..

The Quakers’ Toby Akinsola led all scorers with 24 points and he already had 10 rebounds by halftime….Pittman finished with 17 points and Greensboro College saw Damian Dixon lead the way with 22 points, while Dexter Darren chipped in 17 and TJ Holman added 15 points for the GC Pride…..

Justin Stafford added a career-high 12 points for Guilford College….

Greensboro College wins it, even with the “Phantom Whistle” and we will have to keep a close eye on the Pride and the Quakers this upcoming basketball season….Guilford has lost a lot of talent with center Tyler Sanborn, their point guard Clay Henson, Rhett Bonner and several others moving on…Guilford can still be tough with Pittman, Akinsola and new full-time big man Justin Stafford, from Calvary Baptist, in the middle….Add in Martin Stephenson, TC Anderson and Gabriel Lowder and Guilford still has some experience that can help the Quakers’ cause….

Greensboro College has Dixon, Darren and Holman, plus you can add in big man Lewis Owensby and former Page Pirate, Luqman Tijani and you have a pretty solid corp….

We will have more about these young men and the women as the season advances……Stay tuned, Coach Randy Tuggle is ready to turn it on with those Greensboro College Pride women this year and Stephanie Flamini at Guilford had a great run last season and is looking to do it again this year, with young ladies like Jazz Gibbs, from Southeast Guilford High School……The Richburg kid from Greensboro College may be among the best small college rebounders in the nation…..

Stay tuned!