High School basketball with HPCA over Caldwell Academy(Page-Southern Guilford scrimmage)

In what we thought might be close game, well it got out of hand and High Point Christian finally ran away with it, over at the Green Street Baptist Church on Phillips Avenue in High Point tonight….

High Point Christian Academy 63
Caldwell Academy 37

Mitch Oates, one of our Greensborosports.com top guards led the HPCA Cougars with 15 points, while Brandon Earnhardt added 14, Jordan Weethe 11 and Aaron Scales and C. Ogbado chipped in 6 points each….

For the Caldwell Academy Eagles, Brett Manning led the way with 10 points and then Ben Bell and Daniel Branon had 6 points a-piece and Corey Ganim posted five points for the Eagles…..

Scoring rundown….1st Quarter:HPCA 21, Caldwell 17….Halftime:HPCA 40, Caldwell 27….3rd Quarter:HPCA 50, Caldwell 33…..
Caldwell 37….

I also had the chance to stop by over at Southern Guilford tonight on my way to High Point….The Storm girls were hosting the Page Pirates, in a girl’s basketball srimmage and Coaches William Whitaker and Debbie Jones had their ladies running with a non-stop clock and both teams showed positive signs, as this scrimmage unfolded this afternoon/tonight at SG….

Things got rolling at 6pm and as I stated in the beginning, the clock was running non-stop and so was Page at the outset….The new kid Paris Kea looked sharp and one on-looker said the shooting touch that Kea was showing tonight, had been with her since the 6th grade….Brittany Drew also was showing experience and veteran leadership qualities for the Pirates and another veteran Olivia Seegar was out of the lineup with an injury or sickness of some sort….Page also has a new assistant coach and I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name, but he was calling out some good sets and making some nice defensive changes/adjustments from over on the Page bench, where I was sitting for a few minutes….

Page looked more athletic than they have in previous seasons and Southern looks like they have some size this year and the big task for Coach Whitaker is to figure out how to use that size and when he can use it….Camille Horne is back and she can score and it looked like the SG Storm was able to get their offense clicking, once they found a way to get that lid off of their basket….The more that SG was able to score, the more the Page defensive intensity began to let up a little bit….You know how it works, the longer you can keep a team from scoring, the longer you can keep the heat turned up……Offensive denial creates stubborn players, who refuse to let their opponents get on the scoreboard….Total denial and complete team defense, leads to Conference Championships……

Page is very athletic, you can tell it from just watching them warm up and Southern is big, they just have to find a way to make that big element lead to big scores, big rebounds and big-time success on the basketball court…..The big people have to realize how to use that Big Play capablity to their advantage…..

I like what we saw today and look forward to seeing both teams in full-game, regular season action….