When are you gonna start covering ACC basketball? When are they gonna start playing somebody???

Look at this early-season schedule of ACC games and then tell me when is this league going to start playing their real games?????

Will this really be a boost to our league, to play all of these weak teams, at the beginning of the season? I know that they pretty much do it every year, but when will it change and when can we get down to real business?

I have followed this ACC basketball league for many years and I am one of those fans of the game, that helped put this league on the map and in my later years, I feel that I do deserve better than this….

I probably know as much or more about ACC Basketball, as anyone around here and each year I have to wait until January for the real games to get going, when the Conference action gets under way and we can see some real basketball…

Can we do better? You bet we can, when we get rid of these Miami of Ohios, Hofstras, Elons, Yales, Niagaras, FIU’s, Colgates, Crests, Gardner Webbs, Albanys, East Carolinas, and UNCG’s…..

Let’s go ahead and play some real teams in November, come on Duke, UNC and our other top teams….What are we waiting on, more of this?????

Florida State 78, Gardner-Webb 53

Duke 79, Miami (Ohio) 45

Albany @ Georgia Tech

North Carolina vs. Hofstra

NC State vs. East Carolina

Yale @ Boston College

Florida State @ FIU

Niagara @ Georgia Tech