Guilford County High School Football Poll heading into Week #14

Guilford County HS Football Poll

1) TIE Ragsdale(10-2)/Page(10-2)
3) Northern Guilford(10-2)
4) Smith(10-2)
5) Northwest Guilford(9-3)
6) Dudley(9-3)
7) High Point Central(8-4)
8] Northeast Guilford(8-3)
9) High Point Andrews(8-4)
10) Southern Guilford(8-4)


  1. How do you have Smith ahead of Dudley, HPC, and NWG when they are not playing this Friday! Smith is a good team but to put them ahead of some of the4A teams that had quality wins Friday is lunacy! Smith lost to HPC….NW Beat a very tough Scotland county team that beat 71st earlier this year and Dudley is in Round 2 as well! This is how I think it should look……

    4…NW Guilford
    8….NE Guilford

  2. 1. TIE ragsdale/page
    3. northern
    4.TIE dudley/ nw guilford
    6. hpc
    8. NE guilford
    9. HPA
    10. southern guilford

  3. I agree with Great Scott. Although I would have Dudley ahead of HPC….

    4…NW Guilford
    8….NE Guilford

  4. Now, I’ve never said I was an expert at this polling thing but in my opinion, I think that fight for the championship should’ve went something like this…..

    Page vs. Ragsdale
    Northern Guilford vs. Smith
    Northwest vs. Dudley
    HPC vs. Northeast
    Andrews vs. Southern

    Then, the winner from each of these contests would play each other (with the second round highest overall percentage winning team getting a bye) until we have one man standing. Then, that school would go on to play the winner of another district and so on, and so on.

    In other words, each district have their respective schools fight it out to advance.

    For starters, it would definitely save a ton of money.

    Just my thoughts

  5. 1…Ragsdale
    4…NW Guilford
    5….Northern Guilford
    6….HP Central
    8….NE Guilford

  6. WhereEVER Page ends up….it’s been an exciting football season and I’m extremely proud of their hard work and effort to get this far.

    it just never ceases to amaze me that people tend to forget that these are young men that put their all in the game week after week only for some of you lousy people to come in here wekk after week and attempt to tear them down!

  7. Underdogs you can’t paid any attention to someone like ron he has nothing else to do he has no friends this is all he can do is try to bring the kids down when NW get done with richmond you want here from him again.

  8. Guys don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are. Correct me if i’m wrong did i say anything about a kid? The facts are the facts. Dudley, HPC and i forgot Nothern will be standing after tonight. I think Page has a decent football team, but Butler will be too much as will Richmond for NW. Both of those games will be blow outs.

  9. To all the boys on every team in Guilford County who read this blog:

    Good luck! We are proud to have so many GC teams in the playoffs. You guys have had a heck of a run this year and enjoy tonight, especially you seniors. May be the last time you set foot on a high school football field. Take in every sound, appreciate your teammates and play your hearts out tonight! If it ends here tonight for those of you who are the underdogs you have had a great year! There is nothing like high school football!

  10. First off let me say I’m not a NW fan…..I pull for Ragsdale and with that being said I’m putting Richmond County on upset alert!!! NW might just shock the NC HS Football world tonight!!!

  11. Upset you have got to be kidding! The brand of football played in Richmond County is very different than what we see up here. Those guys are playing with a purpose that’s deeper than just wanting to be part of a team. Their passion for the game is much different. You’ll see that passion tonight. It will be as if they are playing a JV squad. That’s not a knock on NW. Those guys are just on a different level. Hey Andy i found this article about your beloved SE Falcons. Thought you might enjoy this.

  12. I will be rooting for NWG to upset those Richmond County Raiders tonight, Heck I’m rooting for all the Guilford County teams tonight, except for Ragsdale (no offense tigers) When any team from this area does well in playoffs, we all do good, it shows that there is some good football being played in Guilford County.

    With that said everyone keep warm and let’s support these kids as they leave it all on the field tonight.

  13. Well said Bisonherd, well said.

    It’s not about we adults, it’s about the boys and that’s all that matters.

  14. I’ve had the privilege to coach and be around many of these young men on the Northwest football squad since most of them were seven or eight years old. Being just a “part of the team” is not in their thought process. They love the game of football, and they play with a “passion” for the game. They’re not the type of kids who are just happy getting a trophy at the end of the season.

    This group plays with a lot of “heart,” which Coach Woodruff referred to after the Scotland County game, along with alot of mental and physical toughness. At every level this group has played at there have been alot of teams who overlooked them because they were smaller or not as fast, and many of those teams went home scratching their heads after being defeated. They play TEAM football because they know that is what it will take for them to be successful.

    Good Luck Vikings, and best of luck to the remaining Guilford County teams.

  15. Ron,

    That article said everything anyone who has had a kid play @ SEG under the current coaching staff has wanted to say. It’s sad!

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