Northwest Guilford Baseball Signings Photos

Two Northwest Guilford baseball players signed letters of intent this afternoon at the school in the school media center. OF Ben Schmucker signed with UNC-Pembroke and RHP Duncan Everett signed his letter of intent with Barton.
Greensboro Sports’ 2010 Northwest Guilford Signing Day photoset

Attending today’s signings were Ben’s dad, Duncan’s dad Mike and his mom (Nancy), NWG baseball coach Sonny Gann, Viking teammate Sanders Kuxhausen, principal Ralph Kitley (former Wake Forest and Salisbury HS basketball star/student athlete), and the man of the hour/minute, the team manager, Spencer……

Good to meet Ben and his dad, long-time readers and even though Ben’s mom couldn’t be there today, she has been following the proceedings by way of the site, while in Washington….

Speaking of Washington, Mike Everett has been around since GW was coaching baseball at WG and there are a lot of baseball bloodlines running through Mike and Duncan Everett’s family….Duncan Everett’s cousin Scooter Michael was on the pitching staff at UNCG and Scooter had a great college run with the Spartans and his college run may have been even better than his high school pitching run at WG….Many athletic bloodlines in the Everett and Dorn families, the backbone of the Duncan Everett heritage….(But what ever happened to Johnny Dorn?…That is one question that I forgot to ask today…) Duncan’s other cousins were very good basketball players and his aunt and grandmother were excellent basketball players and golfers….The Evelyn Dorn connection….

Ben Schmucker and Duncan Everett on their way to college next year(2011/2012) and what about the team manager for the NWG baseball program????? The man they call Spencer? Looks like he might be headed to UNCG to help with their baseball program or he may turn it around and be on his way up to UT in Knoxville….Spencer may be headed to Tennessee and if he goes there, he will be “The Man” in the Southeastern Conference, just like he was in the Metro and Piedmont Athletic Conferences….Spencer has an edge and he will not sit back and let Ben Schmucker and Duncan Everett grab all the glory….Spencer wants to have his day in the sun too, and he will….

Sanders Kuxhausen, what will become of Sanders, also known in some corners as Kuxie??? He hopes to have some type of baseball announcement ready by the spring of next year…..

Good job by Ben Schmucker and Duncan Everett and we will see how getting these signings out of the way helps their game this coming baseball season….Spencer will have his hands full trying to keep up with all the caps that will be floating around the NWG campus, when baseball season rolls back around……