HS Hoops Tonight 11/23/10 Finals: Page at NEG=’s split…

FINAL Page girls over NEG…
Page 50
Northeast Guilford 14

Page(1-0) NEG(0-1)

FINAL NEG boys over Page…
Northeast Guilford 73
Page 64

NEG(1-0) Page(0-1)

Girls game went:
1st Q Page 15, NEG2…Halftime Page 33, NEG 8…3rd Q Page 44, NEG 10…Final Page 50, NEG 14….

Page scoring:
Brittany Drew 15 points
Paris Kea 14 points
Aleta Smith 8 points
Hannah Pegram 7 points
Imani Atkinson 6 points….Good mix between the senior Drew and the freshman Kea and the entire Page Pirate team ran the floor well tonight….I think that was their strength this evening, the ability to run the floor and control the game from end to end….

Boy’s game went:
1st Q Page 15, NEG 11…Halftime Page 31, NEG 29…3rd Q NEG 51, Page 47…Final NEG 73, Page 64…

NEG scoring:
Bryce Benjamin 14 points
Paris Scales 11 points
Cameron Smith 10 points
Abdul Tijani 10 points
Jalen Harrison 9 points
Donavan Gilmore 4 points
Travon Williams 2 points
#1 10 points….A few of the NEG totals were not coming through clear coming out of the Page scorebook, but we got most of them, and the Page bok was the only book left at the table when the teams were headed to the locker room…

Page scoring:
Frank Eaves 26 points
Jackson Kent 19 points
Justin Conner 11 points
Bryson Fonville 6 points
Dillon Sykes 2 points…..NEG got off to a slow start, but the Rams withstood the Page Pirate storm from Frankie Eaves and Jackson Kent to pull out the win….Eaves was tearing the net up all night long, until he fouled out with about a minute to go and Kent was hot early in the game, when got off to such a good start…NEG battled through it to get the win and in the end they did a very good job of going inside to Paris Scales and Cameron Smith had a nice little two-man game going on with he and Scales late in the contest and NEG made some key free throws and they took advantage of several fast break opportunities to wrap up this game and get the victory….

NEG should be a very good team this year and the team part will continue to kick in more as they get more games and the game time under their belts…..Benjamin, Scales, Smith, Tijani and Harrison all looked steady tonight, once they got Coach Curtis Hunter’s pass and cut offense moving at a steady clip….Pass and cut and keep the ball moving at all times and the ball does not touch the floor very often, unless it is coming through the basket…..

Good pre-holiday action at NEG tonight….


  1. Page still has James Summers coming and with the scoring from Eaves and Kent, the Pirates will win ball games this season….They lost to a very good NEG team last night and Coach Hunter knows how to use his player rotation and his motion offense is catching on with his players…The Rams all played together this past summer, or at least many of them did….

    Page will be OK….Dillon Sykes played last night and he still has to get that football rust off of him and get the hoops blood flowing again and Fonville can penetrate, but he has to know where he is on the court at all times…..#23, the Conner kid, I guess it was, was the biggest surprise of all for Page…Has a solid game and I had not seen him before….

  2. I disagree. Page was leading NE all of the 1st half and for part of the 3rd quarter. NE is returning about 5 or 6 of their top players from last year. They made it to the 3A State semis. I thought Page played well aginst strong competition.

  3. I saw him watching over at Smith on Monday night when Smith played Mount Tabor and also noticed that he was not out there last night, but Sykes was and Dillon Sykes was also on the football team and would have just hit practice with the Pirate basketball squad on Monday….

    Hate to hear it, James Summers could really help the Page Pirates….Fine basketball player who can really give you a boost on the boards…

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