Some teams have a fighting chance to win and this time due to fighting, South Brunswick will have no chance to win at all: Havelock awaits NEG-EA winner…

Three South Brunswick High School football players were kicked out of game that they won last Friday night(vs. Southern Wayne) and the NCHSAA rule says if you have three players kicked out of your game due to fighting, then you must forfeit your next game in the playoffs…..How they arrived at that number three, I don’t know, but we do know this, Havelock has already advanced to Round Four of the playoffs and they will play the Northeast Guilford-Eastern Alamance winner, next Friday night December 3rd at Havelock….The details are below and here we go with another wild and wacky way to determine who plays for these State Championships….Remember a couple of years ago when Boiling Springs Crest forfeited a game to Grimsley and the Whirlies then advanced straight to the State 4-A Championship Game and faced Greenville Rose?????

HAVELOCK – Havelock High’s varisty football team has advanced into the 3-A Eastern finals without having to play a third-round game this week.

The Rams were scheduled to play South Brunswick Friday. However, South Brunswick had three players ejected during last week’s win over Southern Wayne.

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CLICK HERE for the News and Record report on-line from Jason Wolf and they also have more from Eddie Wooten on this unusual turn of events….

Why doesn’t the NCHSAA just let Southern Wayne, the team that South Brunswick defeated last Friday night advance to play Havelock this Friday night????? It would seem if the kids from South Brunswick got kicked out of the Southern Wayne game for fighting, then Southern Wayne should be the beneficiary and not Havelock……Havelock gets a “Free Pass” for doing nothing this week….If the ruling came down soon enough, that should have given Southern Wayne plenty of time to prepare to play Havelock this Friday…..You’ve got to think that Southern Wayne would jump at the chance to move on in the playoffs and be given the opportunity to keep playing for a State Championship and the infraction occured in the South Brunswick-Southern Wayne game, and not in any game that Havelock was playing in….How come Havelock gets the “Free Ride”?