Happy Thanksgiving and isn’t it funny how our radio stations(790/1320) can change on the holidays

Tuned in this morning, on the “Over the Bridge and through the Shannon Woods and then out onto I-40 West we go”, tripping to Guilford College; for the 22nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Football game…

Tuned into 790AM as I was driving down the highway and they were carrying the FOX Sports Network, with The Dan Patrick Show up and running, with the “Best Of Holiday Edition”, holding down the 9am slot…..

No real surprise on 790AM and the Dan Patrick interview with Deion Sanders, actually sounded pretty good….

But over on 1320AM they were carrying the FOX Sports Network too….In fact 1320 was carrying the direct feed from their Raleigh market station at 620AM, “The Buzz”….This is the long Holiday weekend but, it is still rare to find two radio stations in the same market, carrying the same Network(FOX Sports Radio), even if it is AM radio….

790 and 1320 both carrying the FOX Sports Network and both outlets are in the same market….Probably just a little Holiday Weekend quirk, but it still is strange to hear it as a listener and to know that obviously, the people that run the radio stations are not listening and that they don’t care, as long as they fill the air time…..

It was quirky and it turned out to be a bit of an learning experience too….Found out that as FOX Sports is carrying Dan Patrick in some markets, Stehpen A. Smith is still running on FOX Stations in other markets….

620AM is out of the Triangle(Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill) and their FOX Sports Radio feed today was sending them Stephen A. Smith, whereas they usually have Taylor Zarsour and since the Curtis Media Group, the ownership arm of the stations, owns 1320AM in the Triad also, 1320 had the same exact feed as 620AM, including all the Triangle area commercials….

790AM had Dan Patrick and for my money, or lack thereof, today to me found my leanings toward Mr. Patrick and his guest Mr. Deion Sanders….

Both stations, 790 and 1320 carrying the same Sports Network this morning, in FOX Sports Radio, and this probably doesn’t mean a thing to you, unless you are a die-hard sports fan and a die-hard radio and sports radio in particular listener….

Again, this morning, quirky, but very interesting….Two stations carrying the same network, in the same market, at the same time…..

Must be the Holiday Season!