Observations from last night’s game/games..

Ragsdale at Southeast Guilford……

In the girl’s high school basketball game down at Southeast Guilford, the Falcons’ point guard/guard Kenya Hailey really impressed me….She is only a sophomore and she is tall, can see over the defenses and she can get to the basket….Ayshia McNeil looked solid as always and she hit a deep three-pointer from the left corner in the second half, so she showed she has the strength and the range…..Ragsdale has some tall girls and they have some sound guards that have learned their fundamentals….Ragsdale’s girls could make some noise this year and we know, that SEG will be a factor in the Metro 4-A…..The Hailey kid was the eye-opener from the girl’s game last night and when you stick her out there with the freshman, Paris Kea, over at Page, you can see we still have some up and coming strong girls talent in this area…

Boys action was Ragsdale’s game and Benaiah Wise, for Ragdale, was not on his game in the first half, but he shot and worked his way through it, as the coaches like to say and he was ready to play in the second half….He finished the game with four three-pointers and 9 made free throws, so Wise is smart enough to know, that he has to keep on shooting and his shot will fall….Tyquan Roberts showed hustle for the Tigers, but he got into some foul trouble and we’ll see how he does going inside at Grimsley tonight, against DJ Reader….Jaxon Randolph and Sharwyn McGee have given the Tigers a real boost with McGee’s moves and scoring and Randolph’s increased scoring and his defense…Ragsadale can count on Joe “Pa” Pantuso from the outside and the Tigers will have D’onovan Smith and Eric Carter back in the rotation soon….

The SEG boys got major contributions from Malik Wright, Bradley Savage and Danny Pressley…..Wright showed some real athleticism, Savage has a good move to the bucket and he knows the area away from the basket and what to do there and Pressley is a bull, that can slide into the lane and hit a nice running shot to light up your offense…..Good to see Dallas Newton, coming in off of the Falcon bench, he should give them see real rebounding help and he has the overall hustle, that you need to keep the opposition honest and your coaches encouraged…..


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