Oak Ridge boys take the A-Rod Classic in Miami

from Oak Ridge basketball by way of my Verizon phone at 1:14am….

Oak Ridge Military Academy 72
Columbus 60


We won the Championship 72-60…Slow start, but very strong finish…Very proud of our boys….

from the Miami Herald as sent to us at Greensborosports.com:

Oak Ridge 72, Columbus 60 — OR (10-1): Rankins 4, Jones 18, Obacha 10, Neal 13, Pinson 10, Lamot 6, Lawson 7, King 2. COL (9-1): Durant 12, R. Rodriguez 10, Mirabal 2, Adekambi 11, Odio 23, Nin 2. Halftime: OR 35-13.

From the Miami Herald


  1. Should have some new polls up at the site by Wednesday of this week….That ought to show us something….

  2. Oak Ridge!! The best team money can buy! No hating because they are not in any association so they are not breaking any rules. They are the Yankees of high school sports in America. There is not another team in the nation that can compete with Oak Ridge when it comes to $$$$$$$$$.
    With all that said lets cheer for them as they compete for some mythical championship at some level

  3. No doubt that ORMA is top team in Guilford County and Top 2 or 3 in State. They play the toughest schedule of anyone in NC and probably at least Top 10 schedule in the nation.

  4. @ Wandering, why are you asking Dale and about ORMA, he loves GDS and has blinders on. You asking him like he knows basketball!

  5. No question ORMA is really good. Just hard to compare them with other local schools because they don’t have any guidelines. I am sure some other schools could bring in a lot of talent if they could recruit and also had the cash to bring kids in from around the globe and house them and pay tuition. They are really good, but shouldn’t they be? They should be compared to other prep schools and non-associated schools. Recruting is as much a part of their program as it is college programs, and you think they should be compared to other local schools that are restricted by districts and recruiting rules? Why should they care if they are the best in Guilford County? Should it even be a discussion? Any local poll that includes them is kind of stupid if you ask me because it is apples to oranges.

    Only one local affiliated school has played them to my knowledge and that was HPCA. It ended up being a pretty decent game, though ORMA had much better players overall. Hard to judge ORMA locally when only one team in guilford county would play them.

    ORMA did beat QEA, who like them, is unaffiliated and pretty good so that bodes well for ORMA I guess.

    I guess my gripe is that it seems ORMA are so worried about being considered the best in this area and have went to such far extremes, they don’t realize nobody is competing with them anymore. They aren’t a normal high school team so nobody really cares what they do.

  6. Hey, atleast Kovo cant get a state title taken away at oakridge…ha

    good luck getting back in the Ncisaa bud

  7. Oak Ridge doesn’t need to recruit, the players come to them. And you’re right you shouldn’t compare Guilford County schools (public or private) to them because they are all terrible. Oak Ridge isn’t concerned about being tops in Guilford, they want to be tops in the nation. Congrats to Oak Ridge on a big championship this weekend!

  8. No one has heard Stan or Delaney say they want to be compared to any Guilford Co teams. Their goals are to help these kids get into college on a basketball free ride. The experience and exposure that Oak Ridge is providing to these kids will only help them get where they want to go to school. Boys have been going to school like GDS and other private schools for years to achieve the same goals. Stan has rised the bar to a whole new level that schools like GDS, Westchester, HPW, etc are trying to match. The same is true with what Delaney is putting in place at Oak Ridge with the girls. Thus, over the next couple of years, I am willing to bet that other girls programs at schools like GDS, HPW, Westchester, etc will start fielding better girls teams than the average public schools. If you look at the private schools in Charlotte, you can already see this transition occurring. Even GDS today is light years better than it was just 2 years ago. These kids are going to these private schools for a better education and more opportunity in their sport of choice. The public schools basically only give you the opportunity to play the same players that you see in all of the local AAU tournaments week after week. But at the private schools, you will have far more opportunities to play out of state competition and the best players out of Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Coastal or the Mountains as part of your regular scheduled games. The private schools are basically playing a shorter version of AAU showcase but in a school setting which is what top performers prefer.

    Also, just on a side note: It does help that Guilford Co has a general policy in place that is basically pushing a lot of the “good” coaches out of their job. The county wants the coach to essentially be an in house teacher, cook, adm or whatever. Top performing players and their parents do not want “sublevel-coaching” experience for their team. The system is killing itself and soon will start cutting off its piece as the financial crisis hits each year during the budget talks. There are a lot of reasons for the top performers to reach out to the private schools beyond the obvious points people make.

  9. im just wondering about a simple question now about guilford county are they a top 3 team in this state including everyteam private and public

  10. Good luck to Oak Ridge but at the same time I hope NO Guilford County,Forsyth County or Rockingham County public school will schedule them in anything.

  11. Just more evidence that we as a society are getting dumber and dumber with every passing day. Basketball matters more than education. Yep, you know it. Basketball qualifies you for NOTHING!!!!!!!!! I am sure they are doing an outstanding job of getting kids an opportunity for that free ride, but are they prepared for that free ride? Do they have the ability to maintain a personal schedule once they get to college, with classes and practices and working out and community service. Oh yeah thats right, we hold their hand there too. Someone else does all of that for them. All I am saying is a “culture” has been created to where these kids have no life skills and independent living ability to do anything for themselves. Go 46-0 and beat everybody by 75 and people will adore you! Thats what is being said. Who cares?

  12. Wheres my car — you are on the money! How hard do you have to coach if you can buy/recruit the best players from all over???? Money buys everything (or so it seems) however, it will never buy or replace integrity..

  13. wheres my car thank you for saying that bc @ Oak Ridge our kids are doing just that, they go to class, they have workouts, they attend practice, and Stan has them doing community service. thats why my son attends the school. for that reason ALONE life skills that you dont get in public schools. guys its time to stop pointing the finger and just say great job to the staff @ oak ridge. The kids work hard and the staff works harder if you want the best for you child then oak ridge is where they need to be. i have seen to many kids with talent slip the cracks and my son want be one of them just go to the adult league games you will see all the kids that played in public schools over the last 5 years playing and the 1st thing they say is ” I trusted my coach he didt do anything for me while i was in school’ LOOK at jay canty he was on TV playing do you think if he stayed @ Ragsdale he will be where he is today? NO!!!!!! ORMA is saving kids dreams and for that THANK YOU…..

  14. Oak Ridge doesn’t need to steal or recruit they just sit back and wait for the Guilford County public schools coaches to prove that they are useless. Takes about 5 minutes and the kids/parents make a move. Stop blaming Oak Ridge for the mass exodus of talent and look in the mirror! By the way, Frye’s college recruitment was handled by his parents and Coach K.

  15. That is probably a true statement about Frye, and why would he go to Oak Ridge? He was great student, did not need any academic support, and his coach worked like the dickens to get him to a good spot.
    Most of the kids who end up at Oak Ridge need a support system, and I will agree that K and his staff do work hard and do appear to care about their players. That has nothing to do with how I feel about coach K, however, but I will give credit where it is deserved.

  16. Oak Ridge Dad,

    Why dont you grow a pair and stop having coaches do all the work for your lazy butt?

  17. For all you people who dont know that you can take your OWN kids to any camp whether football, basketball, or baseball, well, you can. All you have to do is find out when the camp is and register your OWN kids. You dont need any of these coaches to take your kids there or have them say to you that they are doing something “special” like you couldnt do it on your own.

    Well, take your OWN kid there. Be a parent and drive there with them, so that you can have a conversation with them while you drive there. Why do you want to put your kids off on others? Isnt your kid your responsibility? I mean, if I had a kid who was interested in going to a camp, in my opinion I think that would be an awesome opportunity for us to bond. I guess this is too much like sitting down at the dinner table as a family. The opportunity is there, yet people decline to seize any moment to know their kids more.

    Hey, who cares about family values anymore, right? “Hey, I’ll just send my kids off to Oak Ridge Military Academy where I know they’ll get the parenting they need, they will do the community service thing, they’ll do their homework, and they’ll go to all these wonderful camps for exposure” so says the parent of an Oak Ridge Military CADET (not athelete / a Cadet). Such a shame that you would put this off on the coach to do this for you.

  18. Jay Canty received his scholarship offer in the summer prior to attending OR. He was @ Ragsdale and played summer ball for CP3.
    Stan just benefitted from his skills because when he was playing for Stan with the Gaters he was only being recruited by High Point University. He didn’t receive major offers like Xavier until he played for an organization like CP3 during the summer. So while I am not dismissing the fact that he needed to go to OR for grade issues his scholarship was not a result of anything Stan did.

  19. Clueless guilford county, just want to give you the heads up that Stan nor J Frye’s parents had anything to do with where he actually ended up in college. Stan had him at App state but it was another area coach that got him to Tulane. Everyone else just agree that ORMA is good but they shouldn’t be compared to public or private schools that have rules. ORMA is good for the kids that go there I guess, so just let them stay to themselves. The more you argue with them, the more they say we are the best yet they will never say we bought this player. They say the kids want to come here, that’s funny because wasn’t the school about to close down and nobody wanted to be there. The season is barely a month old and we’re already trying to see whose the best. Let’s wait a few more weeks before we do that. Good luck to all the teams and coaches!

  20. so, who is the coach who got frye to tulane? it wasn’t coach johnson, so i cannot figure out who else has the pull with coach conroy since he was new. didn’t frye opt out after buzz left? didn’t buzz recruit frye for uncw? i even heard there were others vying for frye when he pulled out at asu, but you know how these things go. i noticed frye isn’t playing, so what’s up with that?

  21. I’d be glad to tell you but that coach wants to remain anonymous. It wasn’t me though. and you’re right it wasn’t coach johnson. hope to see you at the GDS game Friday Dale. Frye did opt out when Buzz left and Buzz continued to recruit him. I believe there were 3-4 other decent sized colleges after him. I have no info as to why he’s not playing, that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

  22. It must have been Mike Fulcher. He has too much integrity to take any credit and has more connections than any other coach in guilford county.

    No longer coaching in the area, Fulcher is THE coach who will let the light shine on the player.

  23. I haven’t been in the area long enough to know who Mike Fulcher is. He sounds like a good guy because it is all about the kids but in this instance it wasn’t him.

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