This score got a bit lopsided: River Mill over Roxboro Community School, 89-2…..

River Mill 89
Roxboro Community School 2

River Mill defeated Roxboro Community School 89-2 in a Carolina 10 2-A/1-A girls
basketball game yesterday.
River Mill called off it’s press early in the first quarter. The Lady Jaguars also
worked on their delay sets, and didn’t shoot the ball at all, in the 4th quarter.
McKenzie Owen led River Mill in scoring with 33 points, despite sitting out almost
the entire second half. Marla Crawford added 26 points and set a new school record
with 17 steals. Crawford, Lenaira Ruffin and Shaylen Burnett each had seven assists
for the Lady Jaguars.

River Mill 10-0 (5-0) 34 31 24 0 = 89
Roxboro Community 0-4 (0-4) 0 0 0 2 = 2


  1. Before anybody starts attacking River Mill, you have to understand girl’s high school basketball. Although some of the games are competitive, there are a lot of games where one team is completely over matched. I witnessed a 75-7 game where the winning team basically stopped contesting shots after the first quarter. All of the subs were in, the girls on the other team just couldn’t hit a shot. Our fans were rooting for the other team to make some shots. I didn’t see this game, but I can imagine it wasn’t comfortable for either team.

  2. It was NG against McMichael. When my daughter was in middle school, I coached in a couple of AAU tournaments where we lost 56-4 and 67-10. It isn’t much fun for either team.

  3. This happens even more in middle basketball especially with the girls. Often whether it is middle or high school, when you get a team with multiple AAU players playing against a team that only has “rec” or less ball players, then the games can get out of hand very fast. I saw a local middle school girls game a couple of weeks ago that the winning team won by 60 but could have won by 100+ easily. There are some high school girls teams locally that the winning team could win by 50+ points with ease. You can only hope the game ends with no injuries but you should not feel sorry for the other team. All coaches, parents, and players must accept the lost for what it is and get their kid out on the floor for added training and practice. Good players and teams should not take it too easy on players and teams that were not prepared. There is a lot to learn from getting your butt beat sometimes.

  4. River Mill did not even attempt to score in the 3rd quarter. All of the River Mill fans, students and parents alike, cheered for the opposing team.

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