Mid-State 3-A All-Conference Team with quite a few players from Northern and Eastern Guilford and Daniel Downing Offensive Player-of-the-Year

I worked by rear end off trying to find this one and I finally did, somewhere at a Mebane site and just down the road from the Burlington Times-News….Couldn’t find it at the B T-N, but I hit that Google and got it….They said we couldn’t and we wouldn’t do it, but here it is for you…….Daniel Downing Northern Guilford is the Torry Holt(Eastern Guilford) Offensive Player of the Year……

Football 2010-11
Mid-State 3-A All Conference Team:

Offensive Team:

Player School

A J Artis Morehead

Allen Black Western Alamance

B J Bunn Western Alamance

Nigel Carlton Western Alamance

Aaron Clay Eastern Alamance

Ryan Couch Eastern Alamance

Martin Dailey Western Alamance

Daniel Downing Northern Guilford

Javonte Ellison Eastern Alamance

Jordan Gaines Western Alamance

Alex Gee Williams

Bradley Hoover Eastern Alamance

Jacob Ingle Williams

Mohamed Khellah Northern Guilford

Chris Lea Rockingham

Franklin Lemons Rockingham

Kevin Lewis Western Alamance

T J Logan Northern Guilford

Micah Miller Western Alamance

Drew Milot Northern Guilford

Russell Nation Eastern Guilford

Trey Richmond Eastern Alamance

Ben Smith Western Alamance

Damien Werrell Eastern Guilford

Defensive Team

Player School

Jake Countiss Eastern Alamance

Marcus Crowder Eastern Alamance

Dylan Daniels McMichael

Alexander Dawson Eastern Alamance

Lance Denny Rockingham

Maurice Harris Northern Guilford

Alan Hart Northern Guilford

Brandon Hill Western Alamance

Jake Hogan Rockingham

Matthew Hogrefe Rockingham

Tyler Hunt Eastern Guilford

Taylor King Eastern Alamance

Stephen Machanic Northern Guilford

Mike Maness Western Alamance

Nick Miles Eastern Alamance

Desmon Miller Eastern Guilford

Phillip Miller Western Alamance

Mark Mitchell Northern Guilford

Shacquell Moody Eastern Guilford

Shaq Moore Williams

Quinton Neal Morehead

Rocco Scarfone Northern Guilford

Chris Sizemore Western Alamance


The Torry Holt Offensive Player of the Year:

Daniel Downing Northern Guilford

The Fred Brady Defensive Player of the Year

Nick Miles Eastern Alamance

Coach of the Year:

Jeff Snuffer Western Alamance


  1. Under the high school file….

    I printed them here at the site a couple of weeks ago….Piedmont Athletic 4-A, Metro 4-A, Triad 3-A….

  2. COME ON MAN IT’S PIEDMONT-TRIAD 4A, not 3A!!! News & Record messed that up last week! Let’s get it right, PLEASE! Thank you

    Congrats to all the honorees & a special shout out to the Northwest Guilford Vikings all-conference honorees & to Coach Joe Woodruff, Coach of the Year! GREAT SEASON!

  3. I didn’t mess it up dawg….NWG is in the Piedmont 4-A Athletic Conference or the Piedmont Triad 4-A….The one I was referring to on the 3-A level was the one with NEG and Southern Guilford….Triad 3-A or maybe Piedmont Triad 3-A…..

    Page, Grimsley, Dudley, Smith, WG and SEG=’s Metro 4-A..

    Ragsdale, NWG, HP Central and SWG=’s Piedmont Athletic or Piedmont Triad 4-A

    NEG and Southern are in the Triad 3-A or maybe they are calling it the Piedmont Triad 3-A…

    Northern and Eastern Guilford=’s Mid-State 3-A

    HP Andrews=’s Piedmont 2-A Athletic Conference PAC Six…..

    I know my conferences and the one with NEG and SG is the hardest one to track right now, name-wise any way…

    I’m popping 70 posts per week, so I am on the money 99.9% of the time….

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….When everyone signs in now on, please sign in with name and conference affiliation and we can get these things down pat….

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