High Point Christian Academy over St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida Tournament

St. Thomas Aquinas 48


By quarter:

HPCA 15 16 15 10
STA. 9 11 13 15

HPCA: Zygimantas Kairys 10, Mitchell Oates 10, Jordan Weethee 9, Aaron Scales 6, Jonathan Bethea 6, Ryan Dula 6, Chuck Ogbodo 4, Rick Mack 2, Dillon Roser 2, Brandon Earnhardt 1

-HPCA moves to Silver Bracket Championship for 5th place overall(teams that lost in second round of the 16-team tournament.)

-The Cougars will play at 10:40 Tuesday morning

-Everybody that came on the trip with HPCA scored

-St Thomas Aquinas is more nationally known for their football program, but they have a solid basketball history as well. Good win for our program.


  1. Hey Andy,this is random
    But I hears they relased the all area
    Football team..will you try to get info

  2. I think if that is News and Record list of info, it will be hard to get my hands on that one, unless I can find a coach willing to share the news from News and Record….Due to hit the paper on Christmas Day, I believe….

    I will try and see if I can get it……

  3. It should run in the N&R on Christmas Day(Saturday) or on Sunday in the Sunday morning News and Record….

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