HS hoops tonight Finals for 12/21/10(GDS, Dudley, NWG, Ragsdale-SEG, Page-NEG, EG-SG…)

Greensboro Day School boys 72
Wilmington Hoggard 37


Dudley girls 51
Northwest Guilford 44


Dudley boys 62
Kinston 55

Dudley now with 6 straight wins to go (6-2)… Reggie Dillard 18 points for Panthers and he went 9-10 at the foul line, Brandon Clyburn 10 pts, DJ Alston 11 pts. and 9 rebounds and Darius Workman had 10 pts. for Dudley and J. Lanier led Kinston with 20 pts…Next up for Dudley will be the Beach Ball Classic at Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Boys :
Ragsdale 58
Southeast Guilford 49

Southeast Guilford Girls 49
Ragsdale 32

SEG (8-2) Rags (5-4)
SEG scoring:Ayshia McNeil 16, Kenya Hailey 11, Kayla Upshaw 8, Brittany Price 7, Kara Shutt 3, Leslie Britt 2, Jessica Willard 2.

Boys Final:
Northeast Guilford 87
Page 76

NEG(8-1) Page(3-5)

Game rewind:1st Q NEG 25, Page 15…Halftime NEG 38, Page 26…3rd Q NEG 63, Page 53….Final NEG 87, Page 76…

NEG scoring….Abdul Tijani 23 points….Bryce Benjamin 19 points…Cameron Smith 17 points…Trevone Williamson 7 pts…Jesse Simpson 6 pts….Jalen Hairston 5 pts…Paris Scales 4 pts….Donavan Gilmore 3 pts….Adrian Moore 3 pts…(Bryce Benjamin hit 14 free throws…Abdul Tijani hit 8 free throws and the free throws were key throughout the game for the Rams…)

Page scoring….Jackson Kent 16 points….James Summers 15 points….Justin Conner 14 points…Frank Eaves 11 points….Dillon Sykes 9 pts…Lance Brown 6 pts…Ryan Johnson 5 pts….(Frankie Eaves hit 9 free throws and Jackson Kent had 4 three’s….)

Eastern Guilford girls 67
Southern Guilford 49

Two-point game with just over 5 minutes to go at EG 51, SG 49….Eastern girls scored 15 of their last 19 points at the foul line and wrapped up the win….EG Wildcat player injured while trying to draw a charge and taken to the hospital after being attended to by paramedics on the scene at the EG gym….SG had cut the lead to 2 with one of their best all-time comebacks, according to Coach William Whitaker…He was very proud of his young ladies, but realized they had come way back, and then lost their focus a bit after the injury to the EG player…..


  1. Thanks Mark and SE Fan. We appreciate those scores and I’m sure the readers do too….

    Thanks again, love it when we can get the scores up here on game nights….

  2. SG pulled out the upset over EG in OT, due to bad officiating. Hairston was getting murdered out there, still no call..

    But Lets Stay Alive Wildcats, Once Huffman gets over this nagging hip flexor, its a wrap for the opposing teams. Injured, he is still looking good.

    Adam Gunn had a great game tonight, 4 3-pointers along with a couple of jumpers..

    Funny how even the SG players were saying “shhhh” to the EG fans to not say anything, after the ball rolled off an SG player out of bounds and they got the ball back…

    We’ll start another winning streak, starting with the tournament on Tuesday!

  3. What was Kent fussing about over there! They came out flat and couldn’t get back in the game. So coach kent got sent to the showers early after his 2nd TEE! The worst part was the second Tee dude was crying like a baby cause his boyz missed 5 layups in a row! Heck coach, after that I was ready to leave too lol!
    Curtis your doing a good job with your boyz at NE, keep up the good work!
    What can you basketball junkies tell me Tijani kid at NE? Kat is smooth!

  4. Tijani’s got to work on that dunk routine, but other than that, he’s a very solid player and Luqman Tijani set the bar high when he played HS hoops in Guilford County and now he is among the leaders at Greensboro College…Tijani’s getting the job done….

  5. Yeah he and Bryce were trying to be 2 cool when they were going for their dunks lol! Is anybody looking at Tijani? Has Bryce gotten any offers?

  6. Speaking of dunks, #4 Paris Scales had an impressive one, maybe two and I’m sure someone has to be looking at Benjamin, he is very active on the summer scene and not sure about Tijain, maybe Greensboro College will come with the Tijani duo.

  7. Donovan Gilmore #21 of NE had a dunk in the Page game also. I think once he gets comfortable in the NE system, since he transferred in and is only Soph. he will help the Rams down the stretch. He definitely can jump out the gym and has a good group of teammates to grow with such as Benjamin, Tijani, Scales and must not forget Cameron Smith who always working hard

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