Video highlights from the Pizza Hut Tournament Finals with Page-NG and NWG-Smith…

Video for all from Mr. Brian Hall, photojournalist from WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and thanks to Brian, for all his efforts and the hard work he has turned in, during the tournament….

CLICK HERE Men’s Championship highlights with Page over Northern Guilford…..Frank Eaves with 23 and Jackson Kent with 19 led Page and Bryson Fonville had 13 assists for the Pirates….

CLICK HERE for the highlights from the Northwest Guilford women’s win over Smith in the title tilt….


  1. Andy – Am I the only one that feels like this year’s Pizza Hut tournament was missing any real drama? There did not seem to be any “air of excitement” with the boys or girls tournament this year. I wonder if this is a reflection of the number of talented boys and girls that have parted ways with the public school systems and entered into the private schools locally and throughout the state and beyond. The tournament was a little boring from the beginning to the end. I know of at least three people that bought a $15 book ticket and decided not to return on Wednesday and Thursday because the teams looked so bad on Tuesday.

    The vast majority of the boys and girls that I saw on the different teams simply did not have sound basketball skills. Too many guards cannot dribble into the gaps, too many “bigs” cannot finish within five feet of the basket, a whole game worth of layups missed, several unforced turnovers, and very little quality depth on any team.

    It is also interesting that my biggest disappointment and surprise both came from GDS. The GDS boys were a huge disappointment. The guards cannot finish off the dribble and appear afraid to shoot. The big guys play small and cannot hit a shot two feet from the basket. The basketball IQ of the boys appears to be slipping. This is two years in a row that the GDS boys have been declining.

    The GDS girls, on the other hand, surprised me with how well they played. I remember the days when they could not beat the better middle school teams in the area. They are not nearly as talented as Oak Ridge or Dudley but they played together as a team, showed a good basketball IQ and played with heart (unlike the boys).

  2. Has anyone heard from Dale Fulton ? Did he enter the witness protection program ? His basketball powerhouse boys from Greensboro Day got beat by the slowest team in Pizza Hut Tournament history (ie Northwest) and now Dale cannot be found, seen or hear from. GDS should have lost to Smith which does not have a player over 6’5″. Where are you Dale? Should be add Dale to the school milk cases ? If anyone has seen or heard from Dale, please “Do Not” tell anyone. No Dale – Wow – 2011 will be a great year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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