Heels over Vols in the game with “CRAZY” ending at the Music City Bowl

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Casey Barth kicked a 23-yard field goal in the second overtime to send North Carolina past Tennessee 30-27 in a Music City Bowl that will be remembered much more for the crazy finish of regulation than how it ended Thursday night.

Barth kicked a 39-yard field goal after officials reviewed what had been the final play of the game and decided to penalize the Tar Heels (8-5) for having “more than 11 men” on the field. The Big Ten officiating crew also announced T.J. Yates had spiked the ball with 1 second left.

That allowed Barth to run out and kick the field goal that tied it at 20.

Tennessee (6-7) was stunned at the sudden switch that cost the Vols an apparent bowl victory to cap Derek Dooley’s first season. Tyler Bray threw a 25-yard TD in the first overtime, but Quan Sturdivant picked him off to end the Vols’ last chance in the second OT.

This is the second time this season that Tennessee has lost a game because of too many men on the field. The Vols lost to LSU on Oct. 2 when they got caught having too many defenders, giving the Tigers another chance to pull out a 16-14 win.

“It was chaos again,” Dooley said.

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  1. UT was ripped off! UNC was penalized for having too many men on the field and was rewarded by getting to run another play. Game should have ended when UNC tried to get their extra players off the field.

  2. You’d think that Tennessee could have declined the penelty on North Carolina for having too many men on the field and the game would have ended right there…..

    Didn’t see it, but was listening to Woody Durham, Rick Steinbacher and Jones Angell with the call on the radio and it sounded like a wild finish, with everyone saying that they’d never seen anything like this before and it was CRAZY…….

  3. Andy – even if Tennesse had declined the penalty, UNC would have had 1 second on the clock because the ball was grounded before the clock run out.

  4. The ball was clearly still in T.J. Yates’ hand and not hitting the ground when the clock ran out. The referee even declared the game over and Butch Davis started shaking hands. That’s the Carolina we all grew up hating – the one where the referees run around desperate to give the Tar Heels another chance they didn’t deserve, while the announcers praise them all game for overcoming obstacles, while conveniently forgetting they created those obstacles for themselves with their blatent cheating.

  5. Mitchell – Watch the game before spouting off. There was still 1 second showing on the clock after it was spiked. Don’t embarrass the name Bruce by covering your eyes with your anti-baby blue blinders. BTW – I’m not a UNC guy. The game didn’t continue because of the penalty, it was grounding it with the second left that allowed for the FG.

  6. I don’t like UNC-Ch. With that being said, the officials WERE CORRECT in what happened. The replay clock CLEARLY showed the ball on the ground with 1 second on the clock. Believe me, IF I could have found something to bitch and moan about, I would, BUT it WAS handled in the right manner!!!

  7. This is very confusing….Even the radio announcers, Woody Durham, Rick Steinbacher and Jones Angell made it sound as if North Carolina had run out of time and that the game should have been over….

    The officials had the players shaking hands and everyone was walking off the field….Woody said it was time to present the winner’s Music City Bowl plaque to the Tennessee Volunteers….

    Is it just me, or does this still seem a bit strange how all of this ended??? Big Ten officials and Woody said they have not looked kindly at ACC teams in the past after what happened back in 1979 when the other Woody(Woody Hayes) went off on Charlie Bauman’s head and the Clemson Tigers with first-game coach Danny Ford beat Hayes’ Ohio State Buckeyes and Coach Hayes became a football history lesson…..

    Big Ten officials and this is a Big Mess that may require a major league investigation to clear all of this up…..This is still not settled if you ask me, there seems to still be many questions surrounding this football game….

  8. I did not know that you were a graduate of the University of Tennessee Andy. It is clear that you cannot let the UNC victory go in peace. Considering that Tennessee did not have the “balls” (in honor of the 790 the ball being cancelled), to keep UNC on its schedule, Tennessee and all of its orange people should stay on their side of the Tenn/NC state line. If I were a Tennessee recruit, I would have to think twice about going to Tennessee when you are replacing schools like UNC with Buffalo. Sports go in cycles and this will hurt Tennessee down the line.

  9. I may be getting a skewd vision or version of this game by having listened on the radio….I still feel like I am missing something here….Can someone fill in the missing parts….This may be one of the cases where the theater of the mind, that we get by following the games on the radio has obscured any possibility of clear thinking, but Rick Steinbacher, who is very astute college football analyst was telling us the radio audience in so football color commentator terms that Tennessee should have won this game….

    That’s what Rick said and those were his comments before the overtime period, and before last night I had never really listened all that closely to Rick, because for much of the time, Woody won’t let him talk, but Rick told us and I listened and that is all I have to go by, but Rick made it stick and I can’t let it go…..

    I suggest we have them re-play the broadcast on 94.5FM this Saturday afternoon instead of those lame Rush Limbaugh best-ofs and we can all hear it again and then we can reach a better overall conclusion, on the outcome of this game……

    STICK WITH RICK, HE MADE THE PICK and as for me, I think Steiney was taking Tennessee…..

    Just one way to look at it and there is always room for discussion on this matter…..

    Rick, where are you man, we need you to clear up the fog coming out of the Tennessee mountains….Any Volunteers ready to help???

  10. In the interest of objectivity (I’m nothing if not objective when it comes to this subject) I re-watched the ending of the game.


    Y’all are right, if barely. I’ll stick with the rest of what I wrote, though. Who else would the refs run around like that for, AFTER the game had been called? Tell me again how Steve Spurrier knew all about “Santa” John Blake’s reputation and his boss and close friend Butch Davis had no ideaa.

  11. @Bruce Mitchell The refs had a right to review the play after the clock ran out. The refs did not handle clock management well all night and they constantly had to add time because of seconds ticking off the clock during dead ball times. Look up LSU-Tenn, and there are some other examples. But you know and I know that with the chaos going on in the last 20 seconds (How about the late hit by the Tennessee player not called? HOW ABOUT the Tennessee defender laying on the RB for an extended period of time to run the clock out?), the refs had to look it over. With that said, OT in college is fair in the fact that both teams have the chance to score points. And Bray threw a pick in the 2OT. UNC outplayed Tennessee in total offense despite possessing the ball less. Call the spike play lucky (it was), but the better team won. NO DOUBT about it.

  12. Not sure I would agree with the better team theory…..I just go on the facts.
    #1 Daniel Lincoln missed his extra point attempt.
    #2 Janzen Jackson’s personal foul.
    #3 UT’s inability to contain the outside.
    #4 Tennessee’s youth on the o line.

    UNC (can’t stand them) never quit. Tennessee lost their composure. However, if the instant replay junk didn’t exist there would be a different outcome, we all know this.
    My blood runs Orange born and raised in Knoxville and been going to football games for a looong time. But UNC won the game…Thats it!!

    Hope the loss sticks in the belly of those young players over in K -town. It’s not High School any more. Maybe at the same time the UNC fans won’t be so arrogant over a win. Frankly speaking I may be asking too much on both ends.

  13. The lack of composure and the penalties (others not called) does reflect on who was the better team, UNC. And I hope that UNC fans weren’t arrogant about it, but I’ve spent the last 5 or so days in Nashville having to hear about how the SEC’s Volunteers will blow out the ACC’s Tar Heels. Also, we both saw how much of a home field advantage Tennessee had for a game that was supposed to be neutral (too much even for one in your state). With that said, the Tar Heels overcame all odds and got a win in hostile territory. After the game, Tennessee fans harassed and tried to pick a fight with UNC fans. Despite the outcome or howyou feel a game should have been, you’ve got to keep it classy, and classy was something that I didn’t see from the vast majority of the Vols fans. If that is what the SEC is about, then I don’t want it. ACC! ACC!

  14. Andy,
    It is simply bizarre and, I suppose, due to how many people hate Carolina that this is being portrayed as some sort of travesty to Tennessee. Any questionable play is going to be reviewed at the end of a game. Why was this any different? It is very obvious on the replay, which the BIG TEN officials reviewed, that Yates spiked the ball with one second left. Because Carolina had some other players running onto the field, they were assessed a five yard penalty, so Barth kicked from five yards further back.
    How can you find a controversy in a review determining that there was one second left on the clock and the ball was moved further back for too many players on the field? It is simply unbelievable how many ABC fans will try to find anything they can to obsess about, especially the ones like Bruce Mitchell.

  15. Who knows if all the controversy surrounding the North Carolina-Tennessee game at the Music City Bowl will change the course of college football history, but it is a certainty that in the future, rule changes will be made that will effect the future of college football, after what happened at the end of the Tar Heels-Vols game….By speaking out, we have all been a part of influencing the future of the college game….

    from http://www.espn.com:

    NEW YORK — The national coordinator for college football officials said Friday the controversial calls in the Music City and New Era Pinstripe bowls were correct, but added the chaotic end to the North Carolina-Tennessee game will lead the NCAA rules committee to consider a rule change.

    The Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl went to overtime after North Carolina was penalized for illegal substitution on what looked like the final play. Tennessee had already started celebrating the victory, but game officials walked off the 5-yard penalty and replay officials put a second back on the clock. That gave the Tar Heels enough time to kick a tying field goal.

    North Carolina eventually won 30-27 in double overtime.

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