Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 12/31/2010

HS Basketball Polls for week of 12/31/2010
(Some of the records may be off a mark or two, so let us know and we can adjust….With all the tournament games over the last week, some teams’ overall records may have slipped past us…..We will adjust and now it’s time to get ready for major conference action beginning this Tuesday, January 4….)

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Page(7-5)
#2 High Point Andrews(8-2)
#3 Northern Guilford(6-4)
#4 Northeast Guilford(9-3)
#5 Dudley(7-4)
#6 Ragsdale(6-6)
#7 Southwest Guilford(7-4)
#8 Smith(7-5)
#9 Northwest Guilford(5-5)
#10 TIE Grimsley(5-5)/Eastern Guilford(4-5)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(11-1)
#2 High Point Central(9-1)
#3 Southwest Guilford(10-1)
#4 Eastern Guilford(8-2)
#5 Northwest Guilford(7-2)
#6 Southeast Guilford(9-3)
#7 Northern Guilford(8-2)
#8 Page(8-3)
#9 Ragsdale(6-6)
#10 Southern Guilford(5-6)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(16-2)
#2 Greensboro Day School(14-3)
#3 Westchester Country Day(9-5)
#4 High Point Christian Academy(11-6)
#5 High Point Wesleyan(9-3)
#6 Bishop McGuinness(5-5)
#7 Forsyth Country Day(5-4)
#8 Caldwell Acadmey(4-5)
#9 Shining Light Academy(12-1)
#10 Vandalia Christian School(5-3)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(16-2)
#2 Greensboro Day(14-3)
#3 Page(7-5)
#4 High Point Andrews(8-2)
#5 Westchester(9-5)
#6 High Point Christian Academy(11-6)
#7 Northeast Guilford(9-3)
#8 High Point Wesleyan(9-3)
#9 Dudley(7-4)
#10 Southwest Guilford(7-4)

Private School Girls Poll:
#1 ORMA(10-4)
#2 Greensboro Day School(11-6)
#3 Bishop McGuinness(5-5)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(3-2)
#5 High Point Christian(0-6)


  1. Boys Poll?

    How can Greensboro Day be considered #2 at this time.

    Northwest beat Greensboro Day head to head and should be ranked higher than Greensboro Day. Why? Is GDS one of your favorites?

    Northern is not in your combined poll. Why?

    Smith is ranked #9 in the public school poll. How did you arrive at that number?

    Your combined poll shows your favoritism towards private schools.

  2. Let me answer that, please. We had a bad game and did not adjust against NWG. I concede that OaK Ridge is easily the best team in the area. The Bengals had a terriblw game and came back to win the next two games easily. I will stand behind my comments that Page isn’t very good except compared to the local completion, and we are not as good as several other NCISAA teams we will have to play later this year.
    This poll is not biased toward private schools, and if you had a seeded tournament with the consensus top 5 public and private school playing each other, there is no doubt who would win.
    Top 5 public
    1) Dudley
    2) Northeast
    3) Page
    4) Smith
    5) Ragsdale

    Top 5 private
    1) OaK Ridge
    2) GDS
    3) Westchester
    4) HPCA
    5) Wesleyan

  3. After seeing NGHS play Page ( a mediocre team ), I cannot believe that anyone truly believes they are a top 10 team in the county. The player left over from their 2nd year, is no where near player he was as a freshman. He needs to transfer to GDS or HPCA fast!!!!!!!!

  4. Dale

    U only beat Smith by 3 points. The game went down to the last 10 seconds. There’s no way you can say you won that game easily.

    How do u rank Northeast #2 they went 1-2 in the PHI

  5. Dale – how can you say that GDS boys easily won the last 2 games? You obviously were not at that game. Smith was up by 1-2 pts in the final minute and made a careless/unforced turnover with 30 seconds to go. GDS got fouled and the kid missed both free throws but GDS got lucky that Smith did not play attend and allowed GDS to get the rebound and the game was over.

    Also – how can GDS be ranked above Westchester? Even though Westchester lost their top player, the remaining guys were the same guys that easily beat GDS twice last year. On a scale from 1-10, Oak Ridge is a 9, Westchester 8, GDS 6, HPCA & HPW 5.

    The GDS fanbase has to stop drinking the “kool aid” that has been Fred’s legacy. GDS has the players to compete and beat good teams but the “system” keeps those kids from being all that they can be.

  6. That’s a list, not rankings–you think I aid really rank Dudley the #1 team after Smith handled them so easily?

  7. How does GDS keep players from leaving their program? One already left this year. They normally have one person to avg around 12 pts a game. Everyone else avg under 10 pts a game. As soon as a player warms up, he takes them out. College coaches want to know if you can score. The players who get scholarships received them because of AAU. GDS makes you believe they got them the scholarship. Look at Brandon Dorsett. He came in GDS as one of the top point guard in the Triad area. He ended up going to a d-2 school that he got by his family. Coach Johnson program is crumbling down because of lies to his players and their families. Players are going to other private schools now because GDS is not the only show in town anymore like in the early 2000. Kids now have choices to go to other good private schools in the area.

    *****(Editor’s note:Easy now Dale Jr. Don’t get too worked up and bring on the character asassination.)*****

  8. Andy: Correction Request

    Dudley Girls 11-1 following Title-IX Holiday Invitational in Washington DC

  9. Made most of the updates and I believe Northern is (6-4), because I think they were (4-3) coming into the tournament and then won two and lost one…..Page is the team on the way up and Grimsley has taken the biggest tumble….Grimsley is still a good team, but they need Burrell Brown at full-strength…..Grimsley went from (5-0) to now (5-5)….

    The privates at the top are still overall better than the publics at the top….GDS got upset by NWG, but take nothing away from NWG, they beat GDS 55-54 and they also have beaten Page 40-38….NWG is improving, but you are not there yet when you win one day big and then fall the next day by 20, as in the 60-40 loss to Page….Then they followed that up with a loss to Ragsdale, to give them two losses in a row after the win over GDS….

    The Smith boys were sleeping in game one, but they should be back and although they did beat Dudley at Smith, Dudley is playing better than Smith right now….NEG should bounce back when they get into full-time conference play and expect the Rams to win the conference title and go back to East Regionals…..This needs to be a BIG year for the NEG Rams…

    The Smith girls are the team that still has me wondering…..Should we at least have them tied for #10 with Southern Guilford….Smith made it the finals of the PHI and SG reached the finals of the BNC in High Point….The flip on the Smith is that they are still under .500 at around 4-7 or 3-7…..We need to keep an eye on the them and Quan Greer….Greer should be first-team All-Metro when it is all said and done…..She had a chance to be MVP of the PHI from the losing team in the finals, she played that good in the Championship Game….

    The most important thing is that we have a good discussion going on and we are hearing you…..Let us know what you think and we will respond…..

  10. Andy can you explain how Northwest girls got put in the bracket with the weakest teams in the county for PHI? Do you think they would have ended up in the championship game if more competition was in their bracket? Just imagine if the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and the NFL had them playing the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and then the Houston Texans for the championship game. That the route Northwest took to get to the finals. It was truly a pitful way to win the championship!

  11. NWG beat Smith who beat Northern who beat GDS…..That takes care of most of both sides of the brackets….

    You bring up a good point, in that the road in for NWG might have easier with the win over NEG and then the win over Grimsley…..The #1 seed made all that possible. For some reason the girls bracket as a whole was down somewhat this year…

    How they finished:
    #8 NEG- Total Rebuild

    #7 Page-First Round loss to Smith put a damper on what they needed to do in the tournament….Page beat NWG by 20 earlier this year, but the Pirates had Paris Kea then….Her loss was really felt especially over a three-day tournament where you have to play well on day to exsist…

    #6 Ragsdale-The Tigers topped NEG, but lost to Grimsley and GDS…..Tigers not as strong as they have been in the past by any stretch of the imagination..

    #5 Greensboro Day School-Day one loss to Northern took them out of contention, but they are much improved….Win over Page 41-27 and then the victory over Ragsdale gave them a (2-1), but I’m not totally sold on the fact that they could beat Page with a healthy Kea….#1 NWG did not….

    #4 Grimsley-The opening round win over Ragsdale put the Whirlies in this spot and this is not an extremely strong Grimsley squad….

    #3 Northern Guilford-The Nighthawks had a shot to be in the finals and the Smith game shut the door on that….NG has the Coffer sisters and they will have to get more help from their teammates and the other Nighthawks will have to hit the shots that the Coffer sisters miss, because there is nothing wrong with grabbing a garbage basket or two and they will have to step in and assume more of the scoring role, but against solid defenses, the Coffers can’t do it all….

    #2 Smith-The Golden Eagles did what they had to do to reach the finals and was sold on the fact that they would be there….Quan Greer is as good as any of the other female players in town…..She needed help in the final from Breana Garris, but Garris got into foul trouble….Smith is not great, but they won when they had to and you have to give them credit for that….

    #1 NWG-The Vikings got the seed and as a whole, the whole field for the girls was not as strong as it has been in some of the previous tournaments….As we talked about earlier, NWG topped Smith who beat Northern and Page and Northern beat GDS, so NWG took care of the order of events on both sides of the bracket…..

    Again, you have a good point and maybe if we put NWG in the other side of the girl’s bracket and run through it say as a #7 instead of Smith, does NWG beat Page, could well be a yes without Kea avaiable for Page….Then does NWG beat Northern? Very good chance especially if Sam Coffer goes 3-17 again….Then NWG in the finals as the #7 vs. #1 Smith????? We got that one already, because NWG beat Smith on Thursday night….I’ll let you run with some of the other scenarios…..

    What about the Northern Guilford boys as a #7? They win Round One over the #2 by 55-54, then take Round Two by four over Ragsdale 47-43 and then fall in the finals by a large margin to Page who runs them hard with the pressure defense after Northern had to get there with a one-point game and a four-point game….NG had to be a little bit spent after reaching the finals as a #7 and the with the road they had to take to get there…..NG better than a #7…..The boys were on Tuesday and Wednesday….

    Just some fuel for thoughts…..

  12. Ok, we just have wait and see if Northwest get seeded #7 next year like Smith since they will be the defending champion! Regardless of what you say Andy, something smelled like fish this year in seeding for the tournament! Northwest was simply put in the lightweight bracket! I will wait and see what happen in the real of world basketball where Darlena and her team will not be given the edge! They will have to play for the right to be seeded as #1 and will not be placed in the cotton candy bracket to ensure a championship!

  13. That Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference for the girls is going to be tough…..Going in you might just be looking at:

    1)High Point Central….They just beat Southwest Guilford last week….
    2)Southwest Guilford…SWG has to slow down a little bit and protect the ball….
    3)Northwest Guilford…Very balanced and hard-working team….
    4)Ragsdale….Tigers are down a bit, but will still battle for a playoff spot….
    6)WS Parkland
    7)East Forsyth…..Don’t know much about Glenn, Parkland and East, it may be a toss-up after Ragsdale or they might mix it up with Ragsdale…..
    Player of the Year:Zena Lovette(Southwest Guilford) Coach of the Year:Terry Allmon(High Point Central)

    Metro 4-A girls
    2)Southeast Guilford
    5)Western Guilford
    7)Southern Alamance……Page can move past Smith if Paris Kea returns in time….Player of the Year:Desiree Drayton(Dudley) Coach of the Year:McNeil(Dudley)

  14. Dale Fulton Jr,

    GDS has 6 players playing in college from the last 2 graduating classes.
    Javan Mitchell – Louisiana Lafayette
    Domas Rinksalis – Wofford
    Jay Lewis – NC State – walk on
    Brandon Dorsett – Pfeiffer
    Lucas Weavil – Elon – walk on
    Christian Pulliam – UNC JVs
    *** That is a pretty good track record.

    1 – Your quote of “college coaches want to know if you can score” doesn’t make any sense. I guess you don’t ever watch Duke play or listen to them talk about how defense is the foundation for their success.
    2 – If Brandon Dorsett wasn’t the best pg on his hs team then i don’t know how he was the top in the triad. The best hs pg last year was Brennan Wyatt – Dudley – Navy.

    On another subject, Dudley needs to be back in the Little 4.

    Congrats to Page and Coach Kent!

  15. when it gets to 12-15 on a college squad, they don’t care if you can score or not—-they just want to make sure you practice hard, don’t complain, and will be happy just to be on the team and wear the tee-shirts and jackets. and yes, play defense!!!!!

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