HS Hoops Tonight for 1/4/2011

Grimsley at Smith….Both boys teams are unbeaten in the Metro Conference….Grimsley started out year at (5-0) and has since gone (0-5), but still unbeaten in conference play, and must get major minutes from point guard Burrell Brown in order to win this game….
Western Guilford at Dudley….Western boys looking to sneak in and steal one…..
High Point Central at Northwest Guilford….Girls game is for the early lead in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference….Whoever has wins this one for the girls has the upper hand with SWG right there with NWG and HPC in the battle for #1….
Northern Guilford at High Point Andrews….Two of the best young men’s coaches in our area with James Abell(HPA) and Ryan Freeman(NG) to go at it….HPA won the Bank of North Carolina Christmas Tournament and Northern was #2 at the Pizza Hut Invitational…..
Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford…..You would think that SWG might have an edge at home, but this is time for Ragsdale to make their run and see if they can go get the top spot in the conference in what appears to be a battle with Ragsdale, SWG and NWG…..
Page at Southern Alamance…..Pirate boys have to make sure that there is no letdown after PHI Title and they must take care of business with Dudley on the way to the Mac Morris Gym on Friday….
Southeast at Southern Guilford…..Falcon girls look to win based on experience of the program, but boys game may be up for grabs….SG won Round One earlier at SEG, but SEG boys picked up a win at NewBridge Bank Christmas Tourney and hope to be ready to turn it around….
Eastern Alamance at Eastern Guilford…..Look for Miranda Jenkins to keep up pace for the EG girls with a 30-point night another strong possibility and will Will and Wildcat Crazies make enough noise and stir up enough havoc to help run the EA Eagles right out of the building….Our Huffman, Hairston, Gunn Gaddy watch continues…..They’re having some fun at EG and let’s hope it continues and we hope to be there soon to check out the Wildcat Crazies…….
High Point Christian at Caldwell Academy…..Rematch of game that was played in High Point back in November….Oates, Weethe, Bethea, Scales lead HPCA and Manning, Uchedike, Emeka, and Ben Brown look to carry Caldwell….
Charlotte Christian at High Point Wesleyan…..Antonio Gill among others will lead Charlotte Christian in here and HPW’s Cade Isley, Montay Brandon, Jaquel Richmond and Deng Leng make sure it is a long ride home to Charlotte……


  1. Page is the hottest public school team in guilford county at the moment. Keep it going Pirates!

  2. WG has Spinks, Stutts, Perkins, Knight and Baldwin and the young #22 and it will all come down to defense….That is what will win this game and one of the big keys will be who tries to match up on Reggie Dillard for Dudley…..Reggie on Reggie would be interesting, but Reggie Perkins may be too light to stay with the bigger and stronger Dillard…..(RP is quick, but does quick cancel out strength?) Xavier Knight is Western’s defensive specialist, but he is too small/short to stick Reggie Dillard over the course of a long game….Western also has to be careful not to let Brandon Clyburn get going inside for Dudley…..He has been playing better and better as the season has moved on…..DJ Alston is a rebounding force for Dudley and the Panthers will be a handful for Western, but you have to remember that Western upset a very talented Northeast Guilford Ram team about 3 weeks ago…..

    Maybe Western should look to a zone, but I’m not sure Coach Wade will want to go that way…..In a zone, you’ll have to exaggerate your shift toward Reggie Dillard’s side of the court and be very careful and know where Reggie Dillard is at all times…

    The name we have not mentioned up to this point of our talk could be your catalyst that will burn you from inside or from out….That would be #1 Sam Hunt and Sam is a lefty that can hit from beyond the arc and he has been working very hard to improve his game of penetration to the basket……Sam Hunt will have to set the tone and along with Reggie Dillard they can force you change your game in a hurry….Baldwin and Knight, as guards, will have to apply their focus on Sam Hunt and then Reggie Perkins will need to keep Reggie Dillard in his rearview mirror/radar at all times….If coach sends me into the game to stop Reggie Dillard my offense is going to suffer some, but my defense will the best I have played all year….It just has to go that way sometimes…..

    Last year in Round Two of the Sectionals at Dudley, Ragsdale chose to put their best defensive man at the time #24 Jaxon Randolph on PJ Hairston of Dudley and he did a decent job, but by halftime Reggie Dillard had hit 6 three-pointers and the game was about over…..Pick your poison, if you put me on Dillard, I’m going to stop his scoring one way or the other and I know I have 5 fouls to give going into the game…I’ll be lucky to be able to give you 4-6 points for the game if I have to stick Reggie D and I’ll probably foul out about mid-way through the 4th period, but he will be limited in his scoring…..

    Then you have to make sure the other Panthers don’t kill you….You say, Coach, I’ve got Dillard and he won’t score a bundle, but he will shoot some free throws and he will be sore the next day, but again, will your teammates be able to score enough points without you and will they do the job on defense covering the other Panthers?????

    Might sound like a bunch of bull, but you have to have a game plan going in, and who will you choose to sacrifice their offensive game, so they can give you the ultimate defensive ball game?????

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