Major Middle School Basketball Battle coming on Wednesday

Unbeaten Mendenhall Mustangs at unbeaten Kiser, with a start time set for 6pm, in the Kiser Middle School gymnasium…..

Game notes courtesy of our middle man on the Middle School scene, John Parker……

This is the big one and if I remember correctly, Frankie Eaves, son of N.C. A&T coach Jerry Eaves, has a brother on the Mendenhall team….Strong pre-season squad listed for Mendenhall Mustangs and let’s see how they do, when they go on the road to Kiser, to face the Kiser…..Fill in our Kiser nickname, is it Tigers, Hornets, we know it’s not Whirlies…..What is that Kiser nickname, we saw it earlier in the year in football season and we need to see it again………….


  1. Hey Andy, Get a copy of these rosters and a year from now tell us where these kids end up. It will be interesting to see. BTW last year there was a SE Middle School kid that was attracting alot of attention. I think even the Dudley coach went to see him. Where is he this year? Did he stay at SE or did the Academy claim him too?

  2. If a coach of an outer district high school, prep school, private school or whatever shows up at a middle school to watch a kid play, then..

    #1 – they may have just wanted to see what all the hype is about a specific player. believe it or not, basketball coaches spend a lot of time watching basketball in person and on TV even in their spare time. plus, a coach would prefer to see good players in their spare time not players/teams that are terrible.

    #2 – if they were there to see a specific player because they want them to play at their school, then i will assure you that the coach did not come without knowing in advance that the parents/kid were interesting in attending their school. the coach was likely invited by the parents, an aau relationship, or maybe even the kid.

    Most of the coaches that I know in middle and high school often follow kids in their programs or even kids outside of their program via the AAU club teams. I often see middle and high school coaches either coaching AAU teams or attending the games to see their players, and their competition.

    Regardless of what many people on this site keep saying about schools “stealing” players, the basketball community is basically a family among itself and everyone understands why parents/kids make the decisions that they make about the schools that they want to attend. Those not apart of the AAU circuit may not undestand it but those spending the time and dollars completely undestand.

    Having a different or outside coach show up to see you play is a major sign of respect for the player and a way to show that the interest is mutual and welcomed.

  3. Trust me, any high school coach who went to see Theo Pinson was recruiting. They could have just seen him in AAU. He is the real deal and would have been worth losing two scholarships to the academy for recruiting violations. If he had gone anywhere but SEG, there would have been hell to pay in the GCS schools!!!

  4. Theo’s parents are on top of things. They would not commit any violations just to have their son play basketball. @ coaching coming to see players, I agree with you about the basketball community. Guilford County will have several good players to watch in the coming years. Ty Graves (7th grader) is in middle school (Mendenhall) playing. He has a very high skill set. Watch him today as he plays the game physically and mentally.

  5. Recruiting in public high schools for athletics is morally wrong.
    It also shows a lack of coaching ability if a coach needs players from outside his/her school zone to compete. Parents that “Shop their kids ” are setting a poor example for their kids.Public school athletic recruiting reflects poorly on the athlete,his/her parents and the coach that caused the change of school for athletic purposes.

  6. Southern Guilford Middle is the only middle school team to play our Mustangs close. We have an outstanding team, but was really pushed by a very good team at SGMS. It is hard for me to imagine that Kiser will be any better coached or play any harder than the kids from SGMS. We had to make big shots down stretch. Medenhall 52 Kiser 37. Headed towards perfect season with win at Kiser.

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