Major Middle School Basketball Battle coming on Wednesday

Unbeaten Mendenhall Mustangs at unbeaten Kiser, with a start time set for 6pm, in the Kiser Middle School gymnasium…..

Game notes courtesy of our middle man on the Middle School scene, John Parker……

This is the big one and if I remember correctly, Frankie Eaves, son of N.C. A&T coach Jerry Eaves, has a brother on the Mendenhall team….Strong pre-season squad listed for Mendenhall Mustangs and let’s see how they do, when they go on the road to Kiser, to face the Kiser…..Fill in our Kiser nickname, is it Tigers, Hornets, we know it’s not Whirlies…..What is that Kiser nickname, we saw it earlier in the year in football season and we need to see it again………….