Will the Carolina Panthers be lucky enough to get Luck? He and Harbaugh sure looked good last night….

Coming off of that 40-12 win over Virginia Tech, read more about Orange Bowl MVP Andrew Luck of Stanford, with his 4 TD passes when you CLICK HERE and do you think the Carolina Panthers have a decent shot to get Luck if he comes out for the NFL Draft this year….

CLICK HERE to check out the Jim Harbaugh talk/file and the word is, he won’t end up with the Panthers….Word is that Carolina Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson and his brain-trust of Marty Hurney and Danny Morrison, are looking to hire an current NFL assistant coach…..Forget Harbaugh? How can you, it’s still too early and he’ll be working somewhere next year, if it’s not for Michigan, maybe the Broncos, the 49er’s or maybe even the Dallas Cowboys will hire him and the Oakland Raiders haven’t completely finalized their plans yet????? A lot left on the table, as the off-season gets moving…….