Player of the Year: Daniel Downing

We have the announcement and it is:

Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford) as our 2010 Player of the Year….

Daniel was quarterback, receiver, punt returner, kickoff returner, linebacker, defensive back and punter for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks during their State 3-A Championship season….

Congratulations to Daniel and to all the young men that were named Player of the Week during the past high school football season…….We have really gotten the kids names out there and this should help them in their quest to secure college scholarships….

We will have a special ceremony for Daniel Downing later on the month of January to honor him for receiving this award……..

Again, congratulations Daniel Player of the Year….

Daniel was the top vote-getter in our search to find the POY, from among all our Player of the Week winners, from the 2010 season…….