Western Guilford doubles-down Southern Alamance with two on the road..

Hornets take down Patriots twice tonight…….

Girls Score:
Western Guilford 72
Southern Alamance 34

Boys Score:
Western Guilford 62
Southern Alamance 47


  1. I was told earlier that the Hornets would be on the road, but we can still view this as the road that was leading into the WG campus, as in heading down Friendly Avenue on to Friendway Drive and then up the hill to the Hornets nest or coming off of West Market on to Friendway and right past Bondurant’s Garage and then by the old Ballenger Academy and into the Hornets’ Nest parking lot….

    All roads lead to Western Guilford……..

  2. I guess that’s almost a cut-through coming straight down the hill right past our old football practice field and Coach Jones’ backstop……Near the primary school I would assume….

  3. Yes sir, that would be the route. We used to have to run up and down the hill in full gear back in the day. Now it’s grown over because they don’t use the hill anymore.

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