The Incredibility of a Round Ball…

This is the time of year where you get to see and play a lot of your favorite sports and Basketball, is no exception….Wild view at High Point Christian Academy the other night, looking down on the action from above on the second level….One spectator said it was like watching a game from the old Carolina Circle Mall…..

This is the time of the year, when the Round Ball really seems to be incredible…..

The Incredibility of the Round Ball…..I took mine out of the car this afternoon and took it inside, so it could get warm and I could use it outside, later on this afternoon….

The ball was about flat from being out in the cold, but it was given new life, when it was allowed to come inside and warm up….There is no guarantee how long the ball will stay active when it goes to work outside again on the court, but the Round Ball, can be dead, and then come back to life again……

It becomes flat with the cold, but with the Incredibility of the Round Ball, it is like it has been born again, when it reaches the warm air…..

Take a close look at this some time, when you have some time, and you will see and learn more about, The Incredibility of a Round Ball…….

Smooth and round again, it can go through the hoop, with renewed life……

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  1. that basketball is a lot like other objects that are affected by the cold and then improve their performance after they’ve warmed up—

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