Five top freshmen football players enroll early at the University of North Carolina, T.J Thorpe(Durham Jordan HS) and Marquise Williams(Mallard Creek) among them…..

Five big names have gone the route of early high school graduation in December and the University of North Carolina is getting a very good crop of early talent….Among those enrolling early and foregoing the last semester of their senior year in high school are T.J. Thorpe, an outstanding athlete from Durham Jordan High School and quarterback Marquise Williams, from Mallard Creek HS, down near Charlotte…..

The North Carolina Tar Heels are getting some top-notch talents in these young men….CLICK HERE to read more/all…..


  1. They came because they wanted to succeed the “Carolina Way”just like Marvin Austin.

    An aside: I wonder how long any of them will stay after the NCAA rips UNC a new one.

  2. This really peed in my cornflakes when I heard these recruits didn`t in the least waver with all my propaganda. The PR machine just quick working. I called a technician but he`s busy working on the floats for our parade since we won 9 games this season.

    It didn`t matter to these delusional state fans that my record is 25-25 overall and 14-18 in acc play as long as I beat Carolina, so here I am going on my 5 year.

    Heck, they don`t have to sign another recruit this season and have a better recruiting class than us.

    After all these recent transgression with other schools involved with the ncaa scrutiny it should be obvious even to my beloved nc state brotherhood not expect but very little if anything to happen to them.

    Guys we tried but know I must disable the waiver wire and decommitment thread over on packpride and that hurts me deeply.

    What a shame, we were almost there. To be a state you must feel like charlie brown that finally gets to kick the ball only for Lucy to remove the ball. Daggum it!!!

  3. Tom
    We have the players in place to keep winning so let UNC have their recruits. We outcoach those idiots over at the hole anyway. It does not matter how many Staaahs they have. They still have to be coached. We are still out coaching that bunch and that’s why they cannot beat us or win more than 8 games in a season.

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