Plenty of time to get ready to watch the National Championship Game tonight with Oregon and Auburn on ESPN and no regular TV?

The Oregon Ducks will have Remene Alston(Page HS) in their lineup and he could well see some key carries in this game….

Looks like this game will be on cable and not on the regular over the air television and why didn’t they just place it on ABC and they could have said, “ESPN on ABC”, like they always do on the Saturday night games…..You would think the ratings would have had the chance to be higher if the game was on ABC…..

Maybe we can still catch it on ESPN radio if we don’t have cable, but who knows??? I still say what’s the use of buying Cable TV, from Time Warner Cable or any cable provider, if you’re never going to be home to watch it any way?????

I hear Cable TV now runs you something like $60.00/bucks a month, but you can get Direct TV or Dish Network for something in the range of $30.00 a month….Still a heavy price to pay, if you are only going to be home to watch it one night/day a week…..

Here is the listing that I found for the game tonight:
College Football….Auburn Tigers vs Oregon Ducks ESPN 8:30 pm

Remene Alston from Page High School, runningback, with Oregon will be in this game……

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