With No School Today, obviously No Games Tonight

No school today with the anticipated storm on the way in, and therefore No Games tonight and No practice today either……With No school today and possibly No school tomorrow, depending on the weather results, the first possible night for games to resume will be Wednesday and we know already, that we have Northwest Guilford at Northern set for that night, along with Southeast Guilford at Western Guilford…..

It’s going to soon become, make then up when you can in the County……..Next Monday is an off-day for school with the Martin Luther King Holiday, but there is a full slate of games set for the Greensboro Coliseum on that day…..

We are going to have to wait and see if they can still get all the games in this season….We are starting to run into some even deeper holes in the schedule than we saw last year and last year was pretty tough, with the loss of the Friday before Christmas and then again, the Friday after the New Year’s Holiday, just like this year…….

Game on? No, Games off, for now……..

*****Another point to consider is that Exams for the Guilford County Schools begin on Thursday and run into Friday, but you can still have games on Friday night, since you are running into a weekend day and then the Exams will resume next week after the MLK Holiday…..If the weather shuts down or effects the Exam schedule, then other activities and the basketball game schedule could then really get wacky…..*****