Can we do more to help the U.S. Figure Skating Championships? Maybe we should!!!!!

The talk yesterday and on into today has been will Skip Alston and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners step up and help the U.S. Figure Skating Championships coming to the Greensboro Coliseum Saturday January 22-Sunday January 23……This comes across as more than just a Coliseum event….This has our entire community name written all over it…

The Skating Group headed by Hill Carrow is asking the county to provide emergency services for the event and the board is set to address these concerns at a meeting later on this evening….Why won’t the county step after what the city did to help Mr. Alston with his event, the opening of the Civil Rights Museum in downtown Greensboro last year?????

Remember last year with the cold weather and the snow and they were trying to get the Civil Rights Museum downtown open and how they brought in all the City Workers on the Sunday all day and then that Sunday night before the Monday opening and they scraped the streets up and down Elm and along February One Place and then they even dried the streets so the water wouldn’t re-freeze and the City Workers were on weekend time which equals overtime and Skip Alston and our other forward thinking leaders didn’t have any problem with that work being done, but maybe there was money appropriated in the County or City budget for those type of emergency services…..(They called in workers from other parts of town, had them leave other parts that were being cleaned/serviced and told them to get downtown.)

For the opening of the Civil Rights Museum it became a National Event and for the opening of the Civil Rights Museum they made sure everything was right and that everything was in place…It was cold outside there on that Monday, but the people in charge of that Museum opening got everything they wanted and more….

What is wrong with the doing the U.S. Figure Skating event at the Coliseum the right way too??? This will also be reaching a large National audience and we want this event to come across in the best possible manner, just like those at the Museum opening wanted for their event…

Maybe we can get some of the Emergency Services personel to donate their time….For a few tickets and some parking passes and some Free Food some of the current or former EMT’s ought to be ready to do a triple-axle and get on out to the Greensboro Coliseum….There are many different ways to make this happen and the 11th hour deadline that we are facing is not the best possible scenario, but the County and the Guilford County Commissoners need to step up and help out…..

We ought to call Debbie Thomas and see if she couldn’t put out the good word to make this go through with the Commissoners and our chairman…..Debbie has always been a forward thinking person in life and in her skating…..

Any other opinions, mine can’t be the only one, but for now it is the best one, cause I’ve got the goods(Info and case history)………


  1. This better get done or there may be trouble.

    Editor’s note:

    We will leave it at that, as these kids had gotten way out of hand…….

  2. We can not tolerate radical threats left by college militant groups such as those that were left here by the S-BUSS organization. Calling themselves Students Backing United States Skating.

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