Western Guilford basketball update: Ready to go tomorrow(Friday) vs. Page

Western Guilford basketball update courtesy of Athletic Director Jim Clontz:(Ready to get going again with Page at WG on Friday night.)

Men’s Varsity
Place Time
Friday 01/14/11 *Page Home 8:00PM
Tuesday 01/18/11 *Smith High School Home 8:00PM
Friday 01/21/11 *Grimsley Away 8:00PM
Saturday 01/22/11 *Southeast Guilford Home 6:00PM
Friday 01/28/11 *Southern Alamance Away 7:30PM
Tuesday 02/01/11 *Dudley Home 8:00PM
Friday 02/04/11 *Southeast Guilford Away 8:00PM
Friday 02/11/11 Northwest Senior High School Away 7:30PM
Head Coach: Art Wade

Men’s Junior Varsity
Place Time
Friday 01/14/11 *Page Home 5:15PM
Tuesday 01/18/11 *Smith High School Home 5:15PM
Friday 01/21/11 *Grimsley Away 5:15PM
Saturday 01/22/11 *Southeast Guilford Home 3:15PM
Friday 01/28/11 *Southern Alamance Away 4:30PM
Tuesday 02/01/11 *Dudley Home 5:15PM
Friday 02/04/11 *Southeast Guilford Away 5:15PM
Thursday 02/10/11 Northwest Senior High School Away 7:30PM

Women’s Varsity
Place Time
Friday 01/14/11 *Page Home 6:30PM
Monday 01/17/11 MLK Tourney Away TBA
Tuesday 01/18/11 *Smith High School Home 6:30PM
Friday 01/21/11 *Grimsley Away 6:30PM
Saturday 01/22/11 *Southeast Guilford Home 4:30PM
Friday 01/28/11 *Southern Alamance Away 6:00PM
Tuesday 02/01/11 *Dudley Home 6:30PM
Friday 02/04/11 *Southeast Guilford Away 6:30PM
Friday 02/11/11 Northwest Senior High School Away 6:00PM
Head Coach: Shonna Polk
Asst Coach: Gabrielle Ratliff
Asst. Coach: Ursula Williams

Women’s Junior Varsity
Place Time
Friday 01/14/11 *Page Home 4:00PM
Head Coach: Jeanne Gearghty
Asst. Coach: Raymond Peoples


  1. I would just be speculating, but I would say it is still too soon….You don’t want to rush anything, considering the hand injury that she had….

    If she is not back until the very end of the conference season and at the start of the conference tournament, Page will still be OK….Even with her return, Dudley will be a very tough team to beat in the Metro and we all know that is not just speculation on the girl’s side of business…..Southeast is still no walk in the park either and Smith can play with the better teams when Greer and Garris are both in double-digit scoring range…

    Smith at Dudley tomorrow evening and Smith(girls) need to show much improvement from what they showed the first time around when Dudley came to Smith…The same is true for the Dudley boys…..Smith has yet to lose on the Metro boys side this season….Dudley’s boys are down a game to Smith already and the Panther boys must make up that one-game deficit with a win at home on Friday, if they want to stay in the race with Smith and Page and Grimsley trying to bounce back…..

  2. Hey! What about Western Guilford boys? We have some of the best basketball players in the area. Reggie Perkins and company. We beat Northeast Guilford. Plus we were in the top rankings by the New-Records.

  3. Tonight is the night for Western Guilford….Beat Page and then the WG boys are on the map….Right now, all eyes are on the conference standings……

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