Bass Pro Shops TOC Championship Game to be televised

from the Oak Ridge Military Academy:

The 2011 Bass Pro Shops Tournament of Champions championship game tonight
between Oak Ridge Military Academy and Douglass HS (Oklahoma City, OK) will be
televised nationally on CBS Sports. The game is tonight at 8:00 PM (NC Time)
and will air on this Monday, January 17th on CBS Sports at 9:00 PM (NC time).
There will be a 30 minute show on the Tournament itself, followed by the game.
On DirectTV the channel is 613. We are trying to find what channel it is for Time
Warner Cable as well.

This will be tremendous exposure for our school and our kids are excited for the
opportunity to represent us on a national stage.


  1. I looked at the Oak Ridge on the internet and they won big. This Oak Ridge team is no joke. It will be very interesting to see how they perform against the end of their schedule with teams like Word of God, Quality Education Academy and Oak Hill. If Stan can get pass his current outside financial issues, then Oak Ridge is building a powerhouse that the rest of the country will soon know about year end and year out. Kids love playing for winning programs that are willing to play the best available teams. This appears to be exactly what Oak Ridge is building.

  2. To Truth,
    Either your name is a misnomer, you can’t read, or you just enjoy posting erroneous information ( are you an employee of the front page company in the N & R article today?) but your score is wrong based on the newspaper—-well, maybe the N & R is wrong—Now there’s a first!!!!!

  3. The ORMA article here at the site said 87-62 Oak Ridge….Article came in from ORMA last night….You’ll find the scores and in most cases the correct scores first here at this site….

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