Our McDonald’s All-American nominees are in the house…..(Our local NC kids and PJ Hairston is back on the Mac attack)

North Carolina
Duece Bello – Westchester Country Day
Chris Jones – Oak Ridge Military
Jacob Lawson – Oak Ridge Military
Quincy Miller – Westchester Country Day
Micheal Neal – Oak Ridge Military
Ike Nwamu – Westchester Country Day
Reggie Perkins – Western Guilford
Tyquan Roberts – Ragsdale High

PJ Hairston – Hargrave Military

Go to the website link below to see the entire listing, and how the final team will
be selected..



  1. Pretty sure you cant be a mcdonalds guy if you reclass, so a couple of those guys slipped through the system

  2. Re: McDonald’s criteria…

    Fifth Year Players

    Only true seniors are allowed to play in the McDonaldâ€s All American Game. Players are only eligible once during their high school career to play in the game. Any player repeating his senior year will not be able to participate, although if a fifth-year player had only repeated an earlier year (freshman, sophomore or junior), he will still be eligible to play – as long as it was not his senior year that he repeated. Fourth-year seniors attending fifth-year preparatory schools are also eligible to participate.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Megan Buckland only greensboro area player selected…go to hoopniks.com to get the complete boys and girls listing..

  4. The McDonalds All American nominee for girls did not include Miranda Jenkins, Samantha Coffer, Brittany Drew or Desiree Drayton? Wow! Somebody is slipping on the job! So Greensboro, Megan Buckland is the only one deserving? NOT!

  5. North Carolina was not represented very well for the girls..Only had 17 girls on list, with 4 schools having two players

    Megan Buckland – Bishop McGuiness
    Cierra Burdick – Butler
    Danielle Butts – South Central
    Melissa Calicott – Mount Tabor
    Hannah Early – Hopewell
    JaNesha Ebron – South Central
    Natiece Ford – Holly Springs
    Ayanna Holmes – Salisbury
    Jazmine Kemp – East Bladen
    Whitney Knight – Reynolds
    Chelsea Lindsay – Durham Hillside
    April McCrae – SE Raleigh
    Courtney Melvin – East Bladen
    Jada Payne – Hickory
    Olivia Rankin – Salisbury
    Ashantae Richard – Northern Durham
    Hillary Sigmudn – Hickory

  6. Andy & Basketball fan:

    I say to the “Powers that be” http://www.hoopniks.com to add these young ladies to the list
    anyway! They are so well deserving and have earned it. I’d like to know who did the
    inviting to this meeting. Interesting Megan didn’t even play last year. She’s good but
    let’s be fair! North Carolina wasn’t represented well? Sounds fishy! No Dudley? No Southwest?

    Andy can you work this out? Greensboro fans would appreciate it. Lets give these young
    ladies the recognition they so well deserve. Several are D1 signees. Holmes, Rankin, Sigmon
    are 2011 signees along with Desiree Drayton/Dudley. But Drayton’s not on the list????
    Come on hoopniks.

  7. Andy,

    North Carolina not represented” Don’t believe that. Sounds fishy. I say
    http://www.hoopniks.com should include the young ladies mention above Jenkins, Drayton,Drew.,
    Coffers. They so well deserve it!

    Several are D1 signees (Holmes, Sigmon and Rankin) all signed with Desiree Drayton/Dudley
    to attend UNC-Charlotte. She should feel cheated as she’s a awesome player along with
    Miranda Jenkins a D1 signee and Coffers. There’s no one from Southwest High School?
    Fair is Fair!These young ladies have been CHEATED! Megan is good but she didn’t even play
    last year due injury.

    North Carolina not represented well…. easy to see they were not invited!

    ATTN: http://www.hoopniks.com North Carolina REQUESTING CORRECTION. Do it for the kids.

  8. Hoopniks just wrote a story..they have nothing to do with the list..Whoever the powers to be are, they really missed this one…I think it is a reflection of the overall coverage for gurls in north carolina and across the country..

    On the boys side, we have an advocate in Dave Telep, who not only lives in North Carolina, but hosts an event for annually for writers all across the state and the country to see some of the best kids in the state..He also writes for Scout.com, and he also works with the NBA top 100 camp, which annually has a 3-5 kids from NC at the camp every year..To that end, the boys had 45 nominees, all of which who had attended Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge, and are listed on other major websites such as ESPN and Rivals.

    In defense of Hoopniks, “Dont Shoot The Messenger”

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