HS Hoops Tonight with Finals for 1/18/11(Grimsley boys roll and Dudley girls in OT)

Grimsley boys 59
Dudley 42

Dudley(10-4/4-2)) Grimsley(7-6/5-1)
Boys Rewind:1st Q:Grimsley 13, Dudley 12….Halftime:Grimsley 29, Dudley 14….3rd Q:Grimsley 40, Dudley 23…Final:Grimsley 59, Dudley 42….

Grimsley scoring:Travon Woods 14 points….Montrell Goldsten 13 points….Jake Mulvey 10 points…DJ Reader 9 pts…Nevada Anderson 8 pts…Burrell Brown 4 pts….Brian Doss 1 pt…..

Dudley scoring….Sam Hunt 9 pts…Reggie Dillard 7 pts…DJ Alston 7 pts…Brandon Clyburn 5 pts….Daris Workman 4 pts…Phillip Baldwin 4 pts….Anthony Hamlett 4 pts…Jamar Weathers 2 pts….

Dudley girls 55
Grimsley 46
Girls game was a real battle….Rewind:1st Q Grimsley 14, Dudley 9…Halftime:Dudley 28, Grimsley 25…3rd Q:Dudley 36, Grimsley 32….End of Regulation:Dudley 46, Grimsley 46…FINAL:Dudley 55, Grimsley 46….
*****Dudley down 14-9, after one quarter and then it was Dudley on a 9-0 run with three-threes from McIvor…..It was McIvor, McIvor, McIvor……McIvor had 11 points in the second quarter for Dudley…..Susan Rich hit two free throws for Grimsley to put the Whirlies up 46-43 with 12 seconds left and then McIvor hit the big three pointer to tie the game at 46-46, going into overtime….Dudley out-scored Grimsley 9-0 in OT to claim the win and Dudley moves to (15-1) on the season……


  1. I was going to put all the scores on this one page and make it the universal score sheet for last night, but others came in, in limited number, so I started giving everyone their own headlines later on….

    Good job Whirlie boys, but if the girls from Grimsley would have pulled out that game at Dudley last night, that would have been the feature topic of the day….That is the best that I have seen the Whirlie girls play all season….Roxanne Henshall had her best game of the year, in my opinion and Tiana Bowden played with super confidence and the Peguese kid, I had not seen or heard from her before….Maybe up from JV’s….

    McIvor from Dudley was the hot hand last night for the Panthers and the Rouse kids had big games and Desiree Drayton always comes to play and so does Goins…..

    Travon Woods had his best game of the year for the Whirlies and Montrell Goldsten played a key role and David DJ Reader used his size inside to negate what Workman and Clyburn wanted to do….DJ had a good one and was so smooth with his shots…Brian Doss gave him a nice spell of relief and what Brian did doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, but it was a factor….Jake Mulvey was very steady and Nevada Anderson gave the Whirlies key minutes and big time help when Burrell Brown sat down with 2 early fouls in the first quarter….

    A few more thoughts on the game…..

  2. Wow.. I would have loved to see the girls game. This type of performance should give the Grmsley girls great confidance moving forward, and Kiera McIvor great performance. Way to step up like a senior leader should. Keep playing hard ladies!

  3. I wasn’t at this game but I’d like to know the story behind this overtime win by the Dudley Girls. There’s got to be more to this story than the headline indicates. I’ve seen both of these teams play this season and even if Dudley played their bench the entire game they should’ve beaten Grimsley by 20pts.

    Does anybody have any other information on what really happened this game?

  4. Grimsley played the best game that have played all year…..Got to give the Whirlies a lot of credit and Dudley could have been taking them lightly, but I still give the credit to Grimsley…They played inspired ball and Bowden ran the floor and Henshall had a whale of a game in the post…..

  5. Dudley was looking at Page Sat. nite and for got about Whirly. With PJ gone, Frankie gonna lite it up on Sat night!

  6. Grimsley/Dudley OT…How?

    Man guess Dudley Coach trying something new! Playing his bench first and
    ALL 5 starters sitting on the bench!!! Unbelievable…. just Unbelievable!
    WTH was he thinking???? Or NOT! By time he put starters in Grimsley up round bout
    10-0. It was just what the doctor ordered or us! Was loving that zone too!

    Well even the best of coaches learn from THEIR mistakes hopefully. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GHS keep it going …There may be more SLEEPERS out there, who knows.

  7. I think the fallout from “Fair Play” is being evidenced all over the county–especially in basketball—no more transfers to the Academy for athletics with no visible academic benefit to the student.

  8. Eddie Willis you are focused on transfers into the academy and the last one was Brennan Wyatt who left a struggling Western Guilford….It seems everyone points the blame at Dudley but was quick to let the whole Northern Guilford situation go and even look past all the area kids going to ORMA….What is the real issue here? Then you say there is no academic benefit to the student yet as a senior in the academy you can receive one year free off a college education by going your senior year to either A&T, UNCG, Greensboro College, Bennett, or GTCC….Please SPEAK SOME KNOWLEDGE!

  9. Hoops fan probably a combination of some things:

    Dudley girls played hard Monday night against South Central, have 4 games total this week. Coach probably trying to save legs for the remaining two games. Not a very good defensive game for Dudley.

    Bowden did the same thing to Dudley last year and Grimsley did step up for this game.

    I don’t think you will get no where near same outcome at Grimsley…yep can’t take any team for granted

  10. he was not the last one, and you think the academy at dudley is what prepared him for usna? get off it! he was a good student who wanted basketball creds and that’s why he went to the academy—that transfer had nothing to do with academics, no matter what you say!

  11. to eddie…no the academy prepared him for his first yr of college and his first yr of college prepared him for usna!! as a parent whose child is getting a free yr of college ..hoorah academy..just in case u didn’t know dudley is not the only academy..grims hpc page smith and nw (has or in process) and I think there is another one. also don’t understimate the power of history and tradition and being a part of something that will always be history..that is JAMES B DUDELY..PANTHER PRIDE! oh and if u can excel in ur academics and sports while u r there so be it!!!

  12. Other than Wyatt who has transferred into Dudley’s Academy and played basketball Eddie Willis? I am curious…

  13. so my sister tiana bowden had about a good 20 on them and person who said Grimsley sucked they dont suck its their coach dude so get outta here my sister scores 15 a game and the game was an ot game and they started their 2nd string

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