Take us to your leader: “Right now we don’t have one”, says Sidney Lowe…

The Wolfpack basketball coach Lowe, is looking for a leader and right now, he can’t find anyone to step up and he has called on senior Tracy Smith, to assume the leadership role on the N.C. State Wolfpack basketball team, as they prepare to face the #4 ranked Duke Blue Devils, in the RBC Center in Raleigh, on Wednesday night….

One thing is for certain, Javier Gonzalez is not your leader and he does not need to be running this team…..The people I talk to say Lowe needs to take charge…He needs to assert himself….The word is the team has no discipline and the players are not running any plays, let alone, running an offense….

Lowe needs to step up or the Wolfpack fanbase will call on him to step out/step down and somebody else will be running this team, as the new head coach….The word is the assistant coaches are just going through motions too and that the Wolfpack players don’t listen to Lowe….

It is hard to lead for a man, that you can’t follow or respect….Lowe needs to step it up, or as they say in the business, “Lowe must go”…..

Take us to your leader: Right now the N.C. Wolfpack doesn’t have a team leader, or a floor leader, until Sidney Lowe decides to step up and run this team correctly….Many say he loves to whistle, but that whistle is not really reaching the dawgs/wolves, as in getting the Wolfpack’s attention….(Wolf whistle/Dog whistle…..Whatever…..)

Lowe needs to put C.J. Leslie, Lorenzo Brown and Ryan Harrow in the lineup and play those freshmen….That’s what highly recruited players are there for…..Those kids should be ready by now…..It’s time to turn them loose and let them play/run…..Put them in, and leave them in the game……

Those three Cats/Wolves are the key to your immediate future and possibly your job security….Right now, I’m not sure if Sidney Lowe has real job security…..Gonzalez must be sat down and Harrow needs to be running the team….Javey probably averages 3 points a game if that…..Tracy Smith must step up, Richard Howell must be there on the inside to rebound, Scott Wood has to be the three-man, on those key three-point shots and then after that, this is the freshmen’s team……

Leslie, Brown and Harrow…..The time is now and Tracy Smith, you are Coach Lowe’s appointed leader for now, so take on the leadership role and roll with it…..

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