Tyler’s Locker opening doors into the underserved communities

Tyler’s Locker

This charity was conceived and developed by a local “High Schooler” and his dad and has gained support from the City’s Police Department and Parks and Recreation Department. It is also being supported in a big way by Ricky Proehl and his non-profit foundation “P.O.W.E.R. of Play”. The “kickoff” event for this charity is this Saturday, January 22nd at Omega Sports, 2431 Battleground Ave.

The Greensboro Police Department and Greensboro Parks and Recreation have teamed with Ricky Proehl’s P.O.W.E.R. of Play Foundation to bring “Tyler’s Locker” to the Greensboro Community.

Tyler’s Locker is a non-profit charity designed to serve the underserved youth of the Greensboro Community, desiring to provide sports equipment and participation opportunities to youth who otherwise would not have the means to participate in organized sports programs.

Tyler’s Locker collects donated new and used sports equipment for distribution to underserved youth who have demonstrated a desire to participate in organized sports programs but who lack the funding and equipment to do so. Participation in these P&R programs is afforded to all youth in the Greensboro Community, however access to these programs can be difficult for youth who are impoverished or face other barriers to access.

With Ricky Proehl as the charity’s spokesperson and Omega Sports as a Corporate Sponsor, Tyler’s Locker will forward all collected sports equipment and monetary gifts to Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department for inventory and distribution. The Greensboro Police Department will serve to connect to the youth of the Greensboro Community through the collection and distribution process.

Participation in organized sports has proven to develop positive character traits, self-actualization, discipline, leadership, and conflict resolution strategies in developing youth. Every young member of our community deserves the opportunity to participate in organized sports, and Tyler’s Locker seeks to make access to these opportunities available to every one of them.

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