Looking back at Heels in 1899/1999/2009/2099?

They say it’s just a numbers game, but sometimes with all the numbers that we deal with on a daily basis, well…..How about a look back at 2009?????

The North Carolina Tar Heels won the NCAA Title in 2009 and then Duke won it all in 2010….

I was thinking back to that the North Carolina team in 2009 and was thinking this morning, “who were those Tar Heels?”…….I came up with a few and they were; Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Danny Green, and then I saw Wayne Ellington’s name when I was looking something up….I had forgotten Ellington completely and who else was on this team?????

I remember Marcus Ginyard was hurt/injured and couldn’t play, but who else are we looking for? I don’t think we even have the starting lineup here…..Who was the big man around the middle that worked in there with Hansbrough? I know they had the Stephenson kid at one time, but he went back home and Will Graves was there then, but had been kicked off the team, as far as his playing possibilites went……On team, but not active in 2009 and then later dismissed from the team, prior to this season….

Who else was on that 2009 squad that won it all?????? How quick we tend to forget……..