ORMA over Atlantic Shores on a sunny Sunday in Myrtle Beach

from Oak Ridge Military Academy basketball staff:

The Oak Ridge Military Academy Cadets defeated Atlantic Shores Christian
(Chesapeake, VA) 74-58 in the Swanny’s Beach Bash event in Myrtle Beach. Senior Chris Jones had 21 points and 6 assists while fellow senior Michael Neal tallied 15 points and 4 assists. Junior Michael Obacha had 11 points and 13 rebounds and held Atlantic Shores 7’3″ center, Jordan Onegbelin (South Florida singee) to only four points.

Oak Ridge Military 21 20 20 13 74
Atlantic Shores Christian 7 10 14 17 48

Oak Ridge Military (25-2): Chris Jones 21, Michael Neal 15, Michael Obacha 11,
Carlos Rankins 5, Asad Lamot 4, Theo Pinson 4, Julian Sampah 4, Xavier Johnson
3, Desmond Harrison 3, Badara Diagne 2, K.J. Langley 2

Atlantic Shores Christian (18-7): Ryan Stowe 18, Lawson Basright 10, Justin
Watson 8, Jordan Onegbelin 4, Aaron Perry 2, Vince Miles 2, Quentin Williams 2,
Dan Robinson 2


  1. It may just be me but 25-2 sounds really good. But when you look at ORMA has played
    it’s really not. Most of the teams they have played have losing records and some of the tournaments they’ve been in were a cake walk.

  2. @ Competition, you could say that about most schedules, high school or college, look at Duke playing the likes of UNCG. Come on Son!

  3. Obviously competition is just trying to start something that does not exist.
    #1 – ORMA was ranked #18 in the national polls last week and that does not happen by accident – you must have played well or beat teams that have a proven record for this type of recognization,
    #2 – lost to United Faith by 2 pt and United just gave Oak Hill their 2nd lost of the year after being #1 in the nation up until last weekend when they lost to the #11 team in the nation,
    #3 – ORMA best Quality Education Academy from Winston Salem by 1 pt and they are ranked I believe #7 as of last week in the nation.

    I know they have also played several teams in tournaments in Va, Missour, and Mrytle Beach that were previous state champions from last year and near the top of their respected states this year. Just because you see 5 or 6 loses beside the record of some of their opponents, do not mistaken that for these being bad teams. A lot of the teams that ORMA is playing have played extremely tough schedules traveling around the country similar to ORMA. Many of these teams are not like our local teams that only play the same players and/or teams that they are already playing in AAU 5 times a year in the spring/summer.

    I am not a ORMA fan, graduate or whatever. I just know what I know from seeing their schedule, attending several games and reading about their competition. I hope the program survives because our area (and state) is proving that we can compete with anybody in the nation with the right coach and program.

  4. Ok, alright, you made your point . . .maybe. Why don’t they play Oak Hills and Hargrave’s and the teams like them, if they’re really that good or the UNC freshman team . The competition would be say . . . . on par with the same make up of players,wouldn’t you think?

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