Basketball action from the “Home of the Mustangs”: Mendenhall Middle School tops Kiser Tigers 48-43…

We have been on all the hot games as of late, being right in the middle of everything from college ball to middle school ball and hitting 18 games in the past 7 days and we saw another wild one tonight as Mendenhall Middle took two from Kiser, in what was one of the best atmospheres for youth basketball that you will ever experience…..The fans, players and coaches were all over this game….

Mendenhall Middle School Mustangs 48
Kiser Middle School Tigers 43


Mendenhall Mustangs 28
Kiser Tigers 13

Boys rewind:1st Q:Mendenhall 12, Kiser 7….Halftime:Mendenhall 23, Kiser 18….3rd Q:Mendenhall 34, Kiser 30….Final:Mendenhall 48, Kiser 43….

Mendenhall scoring leaders:Anthony Eaves 20 points……Tobias Edwards 7 points…Eaves hit three key free throws in the last 1:30 of the game……

Kiser scoring leader:Allen Little 14 points with 13 coming in the second half….


  1. it was crazy good. what a physical game. congrats to Kiser for bringing the fight, wish they could play again on a neutral court.

  2. Look’s like Mendenhall will be playing for 1st place in the conf. Next week when they travel to Aycock. Think that will be a good one too Andy….

  3. I have a great memory, and I been waiting for this game a loooooong time. Some of you people don’t get it that write on this site. You post stuff like Kiser is better than Mendenhall, and Northern will give Mendenhall a run…You are fools!!!! Kiser lost to Mendenhall last night without Ty Graves (who didn’t play the entire first game after breaking his arm) Jacori who fouled out in the 3rd Quarter, Jordan who fouled out in the 4th Quarter, and Chandler didn’t play the entire final period…. The Mustangs beat Northern by 30 without Ty Graves and Anthony outscored them 19 to 4 himself by halftime….LOL… you people are fools and need to watch what you write, it will come back to bite you!!!! If Ty Graves was playing, we would have beat Kiser by 30 both times and this game wouldn’t even be worth talking about!

  4. I think it is awesome that folks get fired up about middle school hoops. we are getting to see the next crop of the really good high school players.

  5. Careful Mendenhall backers ! I have not seen your team play this year but you also have not seen all of the other teams play either. I know Ty was a good player but I am not aware of who your other players are. Obviously your girls team is hitting a rough time but again you may hit a bump in the road if you keep pumping the chest of your team without letting the team prove it on the floor or at least know what the competition has to offer first.

    Andy – Have you seen this Mendenhall team play and how would you compare them to other “good” teams? Any word on any “good” girls teams (or individuals) to watch since the Mendenhall backers did not throw their girls team out to dry.

  6. Really…..Getting worked up over middle school ball. Andy i love sports just as the next man, but this country has gone too far over sporting events. I mean we pump millions of dollars in these events to watch people run up and down the floor and throw a ball in a peach basket. What have we become? I wish we can get 50,000 fans in a stadium to watch the next surgery by Dr. James Andrews. Now that’s something to get rabid about.

  7. The game yesterday was the only Middle School game that I have seen this year….Kiser won game one, 32-30 and then Mendenhall takes game two on Monday 48-43….These have to the best, if not right at the top of the area Middle School teams…..

    I was impressed with the fact that Mendenhall had a lead lost it late in the game and still they came back to win it….The Mustangs hit some key free throws down the stretch and overcame some adversity to stick together and stick it out and win the game….

    Those kids take some wild shots and there is so much one-on-one action, they are going to need to pick up the team concept of this game later on at some level….The game is not all about individuals, it is based on a team formula….Mendenhall has some talented young kids and Kiser does too….Both teams had some big guys and they knew the game fairly well….

    I saw Theo Pinson and Southeast Guilford Middle School at Hairston last year and Theo tried to be a one-man operation, and he pretty much was….Hairston had a good team concept and I’m sure they still do…..I have seen Theo this year and the diffierence is like night and day….He is so much more of a team player now as he has entered high school and his game has really gone up….

    You will see the same thing happen with Eaves, Edwards, Miller and others when they get to the next level….They will have to play more team ball and learn to incorperate their teammates more into the overall offense….The Middle Schoolers can be a bit wild and they will have to bring it in and settle that down when they get to high school….So much of the middle school action is run and gun, but they are having fun and they are doing something very positive with their time….

    More fundamentals as they get older and play more defense will be the key…Many of them know the fundamentals now, they just are not forced to use them…..

    Great setting for a game yesterday and the competitive nature on hand was second to none…The kids(fans) were kicking the bleachers, running through the stands and going crazy and having an all-out good time…..It was a good day for middle school basketball competition and I was thinking yesterday, I hope half the kids that are here today enjoying this will follow the lead and be just as passionate about sports and the games when they get to high school….

    As far as the girls go, they were so small was my first impression…..Neither team was a powerhouse, but Mendenhall did get the win….I wish I could have seen a few Mendenhall Mustang games when Paris Key was there….That must have been a sight to see, watching Kea on the middle school level……The main thing for the girls was taking a shot that was in their range….Shooting from way outside and not being strong enough yet to get the ball to the basket can be a difficulty…..We will try and get to a few more games, but for right now, Mendenhall and Kiser have to be two of the best, if not the best boys teams in the County…….

  8. I think Page will….The Eaves kid will be very good down the road….He is already very tall and lean and he should keep on growing….The Edwards kid was sharpe and I like Chandler too…..Chandler hustles and plays hard and he has good fundamentals….They will need some fine-tuning as they say, but one day????? If Eaves keeps learning as a guard, then one day he could really be a very good tall guard in the likes frame-wise of Jackson Kent….

    Page had kid on the JV’s Saturday that I was very impressed with and that was Carter Stanley….The kid had drive, hustle and guts that you can not teach…I loved his spirit and emotion that he exhibited…..

    If Anthony Eaves picks up on the training habits of his brother Frank, then he will be ready some day to excel and I’m sure dad Jerry is aware of what these kids can do and he will continue to push them……They really seem to enjoy the game, both Frankie and Anthony…..

    One more note on Kiser from yesterday…..They did a good job with ball movement on several occasions in their offensive sets….And it was good to see them get into their offensive sets….

  9. Andy you should leave the comments section off on any article you do about middle school. Last time you had people on here bashing a 14yr old kid. You have to take some responsibilty for that. Do the right thing.

  10. I heard they have a very good wrestling team at Jamestown, who are the basketball players to watch and are we at Jamestown or should we be at Jackson?

  11. It’s Jamestown. They have an atheltic wing player Clay Pritchard, a kid who can shoot the three. The other is a solid point, Colin Lipke(Gater player) who really distributes the ball.

  12. Shoot us a schedule and maybe we can come check these guys out….Would like to see them play….

    Didn’t Lipke’s dad used to coach on the local scene? Was he at ORMA? There used to be a Coach Lipke in the college ranks at Colorado…..Tom Lipke maybe?

  13. The person the wrote the Mendenhall Backers Piece just doesn’t get it. Where did you see anything on here about other teams or comparing Mendenhall to other teams? NOWHERE!!!!! The post was referring to KISER and NORTHERN because they are the ones who has all of the comments to write on here and we waited until we beat NORTHERN by 30 and KISER without 4 key players late to say anything!!!! Do you see anything on here that says AYCOCK or JACKSON or KERNODLE????? NOOOOOO!!!! So learn to read and keep your comments to yourself…. It is our turn to have fun now that we are winners in the face of adversity….Mind your own biznesss

  14. I think its great to discuss middle school players as they are our future high school players. As far as show boating and gloating, not necessary. We need to teach our kids while in middle school, the true concept of basketball. It is not a one man/woman sport/show. I have seen alot of middle schools games this year. But the key factor, they are still in middle school and havent fully developed. Yes, alot of them can play but the true test will be once they hit high school. Alot of these middle schools have kids who have never played before or just started playing. So someone who has been playing AAU ball will definitely shine against these types of teams.

    As far as the girls, there are some upcoming players that will do great at the high school level with some off season work. But I havent seen a standout player. Northern Middle girls have some good players as they beat Southwest Middle for the 1st time in school history yesterday on their home court. Southeast Middle has some good girls as well. But as I mentioned, no standout player.

    If we teach these kids that winning is everything and that they have to be a star player, it will ruin them by their senior year. Let’s just enjoy watching them play at this level. No need to taint them at an early age.

  15. I agree with Tashelle concern how many of these parents need to act on this site because kids do read this site. I will disagree about the lack of outstanding players. Last year we had several 8th graders that went on to play for their high school and they have played extremely well (ie from 2010 Lincoln’s Miss Rouse went to Dudley, Mendenhall’s Miss Paris went to Page, Lincoln’s Miss Kenice went to Westchester, Southen had a young lady that I cannot think of her name went to Southern).

    I will not call out the ladies in the 8th grade now but the 2011 class has a few to watch out for – check out Hairston and Kernodle. It is too bad that Guilford Co does not have a 1 or 2 game championship series that would allow these teams and fans settle it on the court. The game could be used as a fund raiser for a local charity or whatever.

  16. Andy, you are correct the Lipke kid is the son of Coach Lipke . The kid handles the ball extremely well and is a true PG. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him surface at ORMA next year. Also hear he is pretty good baseball player as well.

  17. Andy, one of the best ways to resolve who the best boys or girls teams are is to at least look at their individual records. Any teams with 2 or more losses already would be elimilated up front. Any teams with zero or only 1 lost would stay in consideration.

    Thus, can you create a list of who only has either 1 or no losses for the boys and the girls in middle school. If they only lost 1 game, then who did they lose to. It should be easy to figure out the best if we at least know who best who to create our ranking.

  18. Andy……. Who is the Miller kid you mention above with Eaves and Edwards? Do you mean that Chandler kid?

  19. I must have Wes Miller or Max Miller or even Larry Miller or Cheryl or Reggie Miller on the brain….I meant the Allen Little kid from Kiser and he will be going to Grimsley…The little red-headed kid for Kiser in the backcourt is a pretty good player too and Chandler will get his shot, he knows the game pretty good……

  20. Best of Middle school teams,

    I agree with the talent last year. However I was only referring to the talent this year. There are 2 schools I havent seen this year and that is Lincoln and Allen. They do tend to produce outstanding ballers for girls and boys. I also havent seen Hairston Middle play this year however they are not known to produce “outstanding” players. The last known group to come out of Hairston Middle was Amanda Hairston, Vontreece Hayes, and Chevena Pickard, who are playing in college now as freshman. Please correct me if there were more.

    I do believe that the players of today have the mentality “its all about me”, which changes the whole aspect of the game. Basketball is more than what you put on the court and our kids of today(not all) are not taught that concept.

  21. Mendenhall just got SMASHED by Northern. 47-26 was the final. They didn’t even have two started dressed out much less playing and still smoked Mendenhall. Guess we know Mendenhall for sure isn’t one of the top teams in the area. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  22. Congrats to the kids at Northern for a great gut check win last night. Got blown out last time they faced Mendenhall, had their point guard and best athlete on the bench but played hard as a TEAM and got a solid win.

    I think this game reinforced what a lot of people tried to say in this post, they are just kids playing for their schools, trying hard. Sometimes they shine and sometime they learn a lesson in life and sportsmanship.

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