Page takes three games from Grimsley tonight at Mac Morris Gym

JV Boys:
Page 53
Grimsley 33

Varsity girls:
Page 52
Grimsley 32

Varsity boys:
Page 81
Grimsley 66

Girls rewind:1st Q:Page 11, Grimsley 4…Halftime:Page 25, Grimsley 17…3rd Q:Page 42, Grimsley 28….Final:Page 52, Grimsley 32….

Page scoring:Aleta Smith 11 points….Paris Kea 11 points….Brittany Drew 9 pts….Chelsey Coleman 6 pts…Debrecia Barnes 6 pts…Imani Atkinson 4 pts…Kayla Johnson 2 pts….Anne Bennett-Osteen 2 pts….

Grimsley scoring:Roxanne Henshall 10 points…Tiana Bowden 7 pts….Brittany Alston 6 pts….D. Reese 3 pts…Shaniqua Bailey 2 pts….Hope Pegues 2 pts…Sarah Smith 2 pts….

Boys Varsity rewind:1st Q:Page 18, Grimsley 17…Halftime:Page 45, Grimsley 31….3rd Q:Page 60, Grimsley 48….Final:Page 81, Grimsley 66…..

Page boys scoring:Jackson Kent 25 points….Bryson Fonville 16 points…Justin Conner 14 points….James Summers 12 points….Dillon Sykes 8 pts…..Matt Jeffries 3 pts….Robert Becton 2 pts….Ryan Johnson 1 pt….

Grimsley boys scoring:Jake Mulvey 17 points…Montrell Goldsten 11 points….Burrell Brown 10 points….DJ Reader 9 pts….Nevada Anderson 8 pts….Diquan Purvis 6 pts….Travon Woods 4 pts….


  1. I looked back at my sheet and saw that I had left it off, then I also remembered Dale Holder distinctivley calling her name out of the PA when she scored that 2….Thanks for the reminder….

    Anne Bennet Osteen we got you covered and good win by the Pirates and nice tosee Paris Kea back out there tonight and another good senior game by Brittany Drew….The games are quickly moving on by for her and fellow seniors; Olivia Seegar and Aleta Smith….

  2. Frankie Eaves is still trying to get that knee back in perfect working order….That was the third straight game that he has missed…..Smith, Dudley and Grimsley tonight…..Anthony Eaves and his buddies were there from Mendenhall and they were enjoying the game….

  3. Thanks. Hate that for Frank. I know you know…. those Eaves are good people.
    Good to hear the Mendenhall kids were there. That crop could do some good stuff at Page down the road.

  4. Jackson Kent took over game in 2nd qtr.

    Bryson Fonville doing an excellent job running the team at PG and his scoring has picked nicely with Eaves out. This kid can play!

    Dillon Sykes had a good game as well.

    James Summers comes to play every night! He is fun to watch.

  5. I thought she was younger too….I was trying to catch all of the pre-game names and the order of business as the players were announced prior to last night’s game and I thought Mr. Holder said there were three seniors….Brittany Drew is a senior, as is Olivia Seegar and is there another one….

    Chelsey Coleman the fine young center is sophomore and I’m thinking Imani Atkinson and Kayla Johnson might be juniors and is Hannah Pegram the other senior????? Who is the mystery senior?

    Aleeta Smith has one of the best far-angle backboard approaches on her layups that I have seen….Not a near-angle, but it is a layup off the glass from a distance on the right side, a little more to the outside than you would normally see….But it works and with the fade, sometimes she gets a shot at the and-one…….

    Good info, we could use more and thanks……

  6. Chelsea, hannah, Imani, Kayla, and Osteen are all 10th graders. Seniors are Drew, olivia and Melissa. Aletta the only junior and of course the Freshman sensation..Kea..

  7. Thanks for the update and it looks like a solid future for these young ladies….

    On a totally different subject, I thought I saw former Grimsley “Mountain of a Man”, Ethan Albright, at last night’s game…It looked the Big Redhead might have been in attendance…The former Whirlie, UNC Tar Heel, Washington Redskin…..

    Anybody else in on that sighting?????

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