Sidney Lowe comments on collapse/debacle at Clemson

N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe’s comments after last night’s collapse at Clemson, where the Wolfpack squandered away an 19-point first half lead and went on to lose to the Tigers, 60-50….After Sunday’s win over Miami in Raleigh, there was hope, but on the road so far this season, NOPE and not enough rope….He’s not a dope, but fans are finding it tough to cope…..Read on as Coach Lowe explains why the Pack lost last night, when you CLICK HERE….


  1. It would be a big blow, but Lowe should go back to the pro(s)…..AD Yow will have to make the calL….Good thing that is Debbie Yow, and not Billy Yow…Billy Yow would say keep the cow, and hire Monte Towe…..Fans say they have seen enough, they are ready for a winning team Raleigh, not some ACC Folly…..Lowe has stepped on too many toe(s) and out he goes on April 1…..

  2. State got rid of a good coach just because he didn’t have an outgoing personality—He won and that wasn’t enough–they think they took the high road and wouldn’t give Calipari controls he wanted, so now they continue to struggle—State fans are never happy–they do not understand what it takes to win in the ACC, so they will continue to be middle of the pack (no pun intended) at best—they are a bunch of whiners who will never be happy!!!! I hope they lose every game after the way they treated Herb Sendek—“You reap what you sow”, you bunch of hillbillies!!!!

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