Teams Mid-Term Report Cards

How do you think the teams have done so far this year, as we begin to move past the mid-way point, of the basketball season…..You can grade them on the same scale as we see on the school’s progress reports with A’s, B’s, C’s, etc……

There are quite a few teams to choose from, so pick out some boy’s or girl’s team, or teams and let us know how you think that they are doing……

You look at teams like Grimsley and the Whirlie boys have really overachieved after losing numerous players off of last year’s team…..They are still above .500 with only two conference losses and that is pretty hefty when you consider what they were facing/up against…..You have to give them an “A” or at worst, an “A-“….The Dudley boys were predicted to go in a hole this year and at this stage of the season, they are at like (14-4) overall and they have only lost two conference games…..Dudley boys get at least an “A-” or better…….The Northwest Guilford girls are one of those teams that have risen above, after losing Gretchen Bennett, Hannah McIntosh and Melissa Foures off of last year’s team and the Vikings won the Pizza Hut Tournament this season….They have to get at least an “A” or an “A-“……The Dudley girls were picked to be strong and I believe they have even exceeded all expectations and they have to be getting an “A”…..The Eastern Guilford girls lost Caparicia Smalls and other key contributers off of last year’s team and at this stage of the season they have only lost two games, that has to get them at least an “A-” and probably an “A” on most cards…….The Page boys lost loads of talent from last season and they were still young with Kent, Eaves, Summers, Fonville and others returning, but they won the Pizza Hut and beat Smith without Eaves the other night, so you have to give them at least the “A-” or the “B+”……The Northwest Guilford boys have been playing 4-5 men short most of the season and they still have posted right at, an 8-5 or 9-5 record…..With all the injuries and Everett, Coble, Hylton, Doerr and others helping out Matt Pawlowski and Keaton Haack, the Vikings need to get at least an “A-” for the work that they have done….You can say them same sort of thing about the High Point Central girls to some degree…..They had players move on and they went to a new coach after Kenny Carter stepped down and Terry Allmon has come in and he has done a fine job, keeping this team in the hunt……High Point Central girls deserve at least an “A-” or B+…..The High Point Andrews boys have been one of those teams that has stayed the course after losing top-player Corban Collins to the Christ School……HPA and Coach Abell’s kids deserve at least a “A-” or B+……Southwest Guilford’s girls and boys are both in the running for “A’s” or at least “A-“…..The Cowgirls have only lost one game and the boys are having one of their best seasons in recent years……..

You get the idea by now and do you agree with the grades that you have seen, or do you think that they are too high????? When it comes to the coaches and the kids I usually tend to rate them higher, since I know that they are working hard and the coach’s job is not an easy one……Give us some of your thoughts and remember, we are not here rub it in the faces of the teams that are struggling, we can’t change any of what goes within the specific programs, we are just giving you chance to talk about what has gone on so far this season and how you think the teams have progressed….If you have a beef with a coach, take that to the school and you can work on it there……

One more thought on the teams and the boys in particular, the Smith Golden Eagles have done well…They have tons of raw athletes on that team, but they have overcome many changes over the past several years and they have gotten better as a team and I would give them at least a “B” or a “B+” for their efforts and at one stage of the early season they were playing “A-” ball….The Northern Guilford girls deserve at least an “A-” or a “B+” after losing several players and they have persisted to be right there, up at the top of their conference….The Northern Guilford boys were up and they have dropped off some since early on and now they are in the “B” range and just outside the “B-“…..The Western Guilford girls have been a pleasant surprise under Coach Polk and they should at least get a “B” if nothing else, for their overall team improvement…..The Southern Guilford girls are showing much improvement too and they should get at least a “B-” or “C+” since they are heading up……The Northeast Guilford boys have to rate at least at “A-” or at “B+”…..A lot was expected of the NEG Ram boys and after a quiet effort at the Pizza Hut Tournament, they have still locked down a top spot in their conference and look to be a strong seed headed to the playoffs…….

Teams that we are talking about…..

1. Dudley
2. Southeast
3. Page
4. Southwest Guilford
5. Grimsley
6. Ragsdale
7. Northern Guilford
8. Northeast Guilford
9. High Point Andrews
10. High Point Central
11. Eastern Guilford
12. Southern Guilford
13. Greensboro Day
14. ORMA
15. HP Wesleyan
16. High Point Christian Academy
17. Caldwell Academy
18. Northwest Guilford
19. Smith
20. Western Guilford