HS Hoops Tonight for 1/27/11: Big One in “Wildcat Country”….

Northern Guilford at Eastern Guilford…..This one could be for all the marbles in the Conference….Could be the case for both the boys and girls……EG girls now with one loss and NG girls only have one loss(conference) and that was to EG earlier in the season…..

EG girls now (8-1) in conference and NG is right there at that mark and now Burlington Williams has crept into the picture, with the Bulldogs at (9-1) and (15-1) overall….Where did these Bulldogs come from?????

Two the state’s top girls talents will be featured in the girl’s game this evening, with Miranda Jenkins from EG and Samantha Coffer from NG taking the court at Eastern…..These two will be standards, that both of these programs will be measured by, for many years to come….The season is winding down quickly and you need to get out and watch Miranda and Sam play some ball, before it is too late…..Get there tonight, for the “Big Battle in Wildcat Country”…..

Boys game should be an all-out war, with the “Wildcat Crazies” due out in full force…..This game will be played in “Wildcat Country” at Eastern Guilford and a very large crowd is expected for these games…..Brandon Hairston has been hot for EG, with major support coming in from Butch Huffman and Adam Gunn, as well as Jeremy Gaddy….NG has their main weapon in John McBeth, but the Nighthawks also count heavily on Patrick Chander, Daniel Downing, TJ Logan, Devin Scoggins and Will Mulliken….The backcourt battle of Logan and Chandler facing Huffman and Gunn should be a main attraction……Who checks Hairston will be a key and how much damage the Nighthawks can do on the boards, will another important factor……This is the game these fans have been waiting for all season long, and Tonight is THE NIGHT………


  1. This isn’t going to be a game on the boys side. We OWN EG! They have never beaten us and it isn’t happening tonight! We will run you tonight Wildcats!

  2. Both games should be very good. The teams are evenly matched. There probably will be a lot of chest pumping on this site, but, as always, the real event is on the court. Good Luck to both teams and let’s hope for some good basketball.

  3. Northern would have loss the first game if it wasnt for a bad call on a clean steal with 1:30 left. Eastern was winning @ Northern by 1 and then Huffman fouled out and he was carrying Eastern’s momentum at the time. Northern are overrated. They lost to Eastern Alamance and Eastern Guilford just smashed them. I am looking forward to the game tonight! Good luck both teams! Watch out for Hairston, he is heating up!

  4. I am really looking forward to going out and watch both of these teams play tonight. Both have pretty darn good players on both the boys and girls teams.So often you here of Dudley vs Smith, Page vs Grimsley, Highpoint Central vs Highpoint Andrews rivalries throughout the years. Its nice to see a breath of fresh air of two good programs that also have a heckuva lot of good athletes and some pretty good darn coaches.

    I checked the schedule for today to see what teams were playing and was glad to have come across these games because no other teams are playing. Its also great to see where on the girls side that both teams have winning records and have been consistent all year long. I read about the Coffer girls from Northern in Sunday’s paper and see that she is going to Elon University and that she is really good. One of my buddies mention that Eastern had a young lady going up to play in New York but I really do not know much about her.

    I will be at the games which I believe start at 6pm at Eastern.

  5. Miranda Jenkins is the young lady for Eastern Guilford….She dropped 27 in a loss last night to BW and is headed up to Stony Brook in New York in the fall…..Keep and eye on both Coffers and Jenkins tonight…..

  6. LOL at NightHawkNation. The only thing Northern owns is recruiting in Guilford County.

  7. I think we have moved way beyond that…..Northern doesn’t even need to pay any attention to that previous comment…..Their focus is on tonight’s game…..

  8. Andy loves Northern! He never talks about them when they lose, and worships them when they barely win! LOL. No hard feelings, just stating facts!

  9. Dear wildcat crazies,

    learn to start your OWN student section party instead of itching about how one person wasn’t there to lead the cheers. dry your tears and quit bein rude.


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