Cedrica Gibson’s got game at guard and is looking for more as she helps Oak Ridge Lady Cadets…

Cedrica Gibson is the starting point guard for the Lady Cadets at the Oak Ridge Military Academy….

Cedrica Gibson is getting National attention as one of the best point guards in
the Southeast. She has raised her level of play this season and has
impressed the likes of St. Johns, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Cleveland
State, Elon, Western Carolina, Charleston Southern, Clemson.

” Ced understands the game, and works extremely hard to improve each day.
She never takes time off. She wants it as much as any kid I have coached.
Her Basketball IQ is very high and she uses it when she play against taller
players. Her shooting has improved and now she can keep defenses off
balance. The schedule we have played at Oak Ridge this season has given her
the chance to showcase her point guard skills.”
Coach Delaney Rudd


  1. Is this the same Cedrica girl i used to watch play against my daughter in middle school? If it is she went to Allen Jay/Southern Middle and she was an incredible player back then also. You could tell she was going to be a great player one day. I was thinking when she left middle school she went to HP Central and now she is at ORMA, but im not sure this is the same girl i remember from about 4 years ago.

    If it is the girl i remember then this is another great example of how athletes are leaving the public schools and going to these private schools, not just happening with the boys, the ladies are finding out the same things and leaving also. Its ashame the great athletes are going to private schools b/c it is making the level of competition alot worse with the public schools.

  2. No Eastern Guilford parent wrote that article concerning Cedric Gibson and how it relates to transfering. This appears to be an article of someone who may have a son or daughter who perhaps things may have not worked out too well. Kids get to play in the Summer and are seen. Coaches get to see them against competition from all across the country. If you can play they will find you and it has nothing to do with what AAU or school you attend or do not attend. Some kids perform at a high level no matter what arena they are in; Part of that has a lot to do with their personal drive, commitment to excellence, discipline, work ethic, skill set and ability to raise the level of play of others. Too often kids are led to believe that hook ups with get them to a certain place and sometimes it does. But if it is not wrapped around the things mentioned earlier, sometimes what appears to be greener pastures comes up a little different.

  3. Observer

    I want to commend you on what you just posted. I like the break down that you shared and it was not pointed at any specific person or entity.

  4. To Observer and Hoops:
    Neither of you know what you are talking about. If a player is a super star, then yes the colleges will find that person because they will get a write in the paper all the time, other teams will talk about them and their will be a buzz about this player that creates that media attention (ie Paris for Page or a young PJ when at Dudley). However, this is not the case for the slightly above average player that can play in college but does not show as a “star” every night. These players will only get the needed attention on the AAU circuit. There are a few (and I mean few) coaches in this county that know (personally and professionally) more than 4 or 5 college coaches that would be meaningful for those kids that are not the super stars. AAU will expose those same kids to 30-40 coaches/asst coaches all in one weekend at showcase events. This will be repeat every 2-3 weeks 5-6 times each year from 13U thru 16U. There is zero chance that any school can compete with what AAU offers basketball players. The type of schedule that ORMA is producing may come as close to the AAU format as anything that I have seen but even that is not a true replacement for AAU.

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