WFMY NEWS 2 Sports’ “Nothing But Net” show from Friday night

Check out all the highlights from Friday night’s “Nothing But Net” show from WFMY TV 2 when you CLICK HERE. Another very solid effort from Brian Formica and Chilton as hosts and as always, from photojournalist Brian Hall, with all the game highligts he brought to us…..You can also click on individual game highlights when you hit the site……..

Anybody got a Western Guilford score from last night?


  1. Southwest Guilford vs. Ragsdale, one of the biggest match ups in the triad and they received no coverage. However, some teams are covered EVERY week.

  2. @ Disappointed, I am also disappointed that SW has not been covered on “nothing but net” at all. One of the best public schools in the county and no coverage? Thanks Andy for this website, at least I can catch up on all of the schools by reading on a weekly basis. Keep working hard Cowboys, good luck and I am “rooting” for you.

  3. There are so many teams in this area that are Top Ten Ranked in the State, who aren’t being covered on this show.
    What gives?

  4. @ just sayin,
    I understand that, but you can’t tell me that you can have teams in WS covered and not cover the teams that is in the Guilford County area. All schools in GC should be covered period!!!

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