Oak Hill-ORMA games to benefit Coaches vs. Cancer and the American Cancer Society

from Oak Ridge Military Academy basketball staff:

The Oak Hill Academy vs. Oak Ridge Military Academy basketball games on Wednesday, February 9th will benefit Coaches vs. Cancer and the American Cancer Society. Additionally, the game is being sponsored by the Terry J. Fontenot Memorial Foundation who, amongst it’s other activities, is a donor to the
American Cancer Society and other causes in the fight against cancer.

The game schedule is as follows for February 9th with all games being played at
Bonner Fieldhouse:

3:00 PM JV Boys Game
4:30 PM Varsity “B” Boys Game
6:00 PM Varsity Girls Game
7:30 PM Varsity Boys Game

Tickets for the entire slate of games are $7 and $2 from each ticket will be
donated to the Coaches vs. Cancer effort. There will also be a 50/50 raffle
with all proceeds going to Coaches vs. Cancer and we encourage those who can, to make a donation to Coaches vs. Cancer throughout the night. Finally, the
coaching staffs from both schools will be wearing tennis shoes/sneakers on the
bench for all of the games in recognition of Jim Valvano and his great fight
against cancer.

This game is sure to be a sell-out, so please encourage your friends and family
to arrive early in order to get a seat! Thank you in advance for your support
of Oak Ridge Military Academy and its partnership with Coaches vs. Cancer and
the American Cancer Society.


  1. American Cancer Society ………. hmmmmm???? or Coaches for Coach K new house fund. He won’t get my $.

  2. I was going to the game before I saw all of this to charity stuff. How can we believe anything out of his mouth at this point?

    Just leave it about basketball because i don’t think he’ll donate money to anything but himself at this point.

  3. Stan’s personal issues have nothing to do with the decisions of Oak Ridge. While Stan may have some financial pieces to work out, there has been no wrong doing done or suggest against Oak Ridge. This game is hosted by Oak Ridge and I have zero doubt that the funds will be distributed accordingly. These will be awesome games and a sell out. Those that cannot get past Stan have the right to stay away but do not hurt the less fortunate, Oak Ridge or the kids that play for Oak Ridge because of your issues with individual people. I am not an Oak Ridge backer, graduate or direct supporter but I hope Stan gets past his issues and the school makes it thru. Strong programs at Oak Ridge will also make stronger programs at GDS and other local schools. These good athletes will find private programs to attend so why not help support our own programs at the Oak Ridge’s or GDS type school and keep the talent in the area. If not, they will just do like the kid that left Cummings and went down to Charlotte (plays at Wake Forest now) or like PJ leaving Dudley for Hargrave.

  4. I didn’t say anything about oak ridge and what they have done.

    I said Coach K. I personally believe that you should not support someone with so many negative issues. He should not be allowed to influence young men. What are teaching these boys? At this point it is no longer a rumor that this guy is a crook. It was a rumor when he was at bishop. It was a rumor at high point central. It was proven at Northern Guilford and the SEC is letting us know that he does not only cheat on the court but in the game of life.
    So im sorry that some players feelings may get hurt by people not attending their game. Would you really want your kid to grow up and cheat the youth of our state? Because even though 15 players at Northern were hurt that their title was stripped, there were many other 3A high school teams that didn’t win the title either because of this one man. Would you want your son to grow up and swindle people out of their money? Would you want your son to grow up and not take responsibility for his actions? You’re answering yes to all those questions when you support Coach K or let your son play for him. Sorry that some people have morals and actually apply them to this real life situation.

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